Monday 7 February 2011

You can have your nail polish and wear it too!

Hello everyone ^_^/

A new week is starting and I thought it was about time to share a new crafting idea since the deco part of my blog must have been feeling a bit left out lately.

But with this post I will combine both deco and nail polish so yay!!!

It all started after coming along this article in one of the nail polish mags I was reading in the summer.
After showing a lovely design with white colours on a purple background the writer suggests making a matching ring using gel. Now I have never played with gel nails but the idea was stuck in my head. I was intrigued. So I started experimenting and investigating.

Then I came across this lovely tutorial on youtube.

That was it, I started experimenting with all sorts of polishes and designs. I find the whole idea very exciting so here are some of my creations as well.

 Various designs. You can see I used glitter, nail decals, swarovski crystals, stamping and sponging.

Rings with the matching manicure.

Rings using Zoya Sara, NfuOh 51 and OPI DS Original.
The possibilities are endless really. You can use a huge variety of materials and methods and produce really unique designs.

These proved to be quite popular as I have already sold quite a few. I even added a few to my etsy shop.

What do you think of this? Exciting? Boring?
If you would like me to do my own tutorial on these rings let me know.

I hope you all have a lovely start to your week!


  1. wow... ao cool and of course its exciting to have a ring match with ur nails... have u ever try to make an earing too or a pendant? it would be great if u show us some tutorials on how to make this stuff... xoxo

  2. OH MY GOD your designs are absolutely stunning!!!! I LOVE THEM!! Especially the Alice in Wonderland one *faints* You are so darn talented my dear =)

    Please do a tutorial on how you make them!!

  3. Really exciting!!!
    I love the Alice one and the one with the hibiscus flowers on!
    Of course we want a tutorial kaneloni!
    Etsi 8a th glitwnes?

  4. AMAZING! I would LOVE Nfu Oh rings to match my favourite manicures, I will have to try this out :) Do you know of a good online site where you can buy the rings and plastic/glass part? :)

  5. omg! those are soooo awesome! i shall have to try it soon :)

  6. Καταπληκτική ιδέα και υπέροχα σχέδια! Μπράβο!!!

  7. wow!! please do a tutorial! where do you find these rings? the last ones that are not all plastic.

  8. @ThRiSzHa ^_^ I am so happy you liked them. I've been seeing such things in Japan for quite some time and I was itching to try the idea too. Yes, I have made earrings and pendants too, actually it can be made with any type of jewelery. I will definitely post some tutorials :)

    @'chelle thank you dear. I wouldn't say talented as this was not my idea at all. But I find it fun, being able to match your nails with your jewelery. I will make tutorials as soon as I find some time.

    @Ria <<<<3 your wish is my command ;)

    @rock-or-not thank you ^_^

  9. wow, thank you for that. I've been looking for some nail polish rings tutorials for ages. =)
    I love every single one of them and I'll definitely try to make them, I hope I'll be at least half as successful as you were.
    I'd love to see a tutorial on the last 4 rings =)

  10. @Jette you can get some on ebay. Just search for places that have jewelery supplies :)

    @Katrina you totally should! With your awesome nail art skills I bet the results will be fabulous!

    @Μοντέρνα Σταχτοπούτα euxaristo! Pragmatika opoios to skeftike protos eixe empneusi, einai teleia idea :D

    @nataliedouka thank you! The rings can be found in places that sell jewelery supplies. Either online or in physical stores.

  11. @colorfulbottle you're welcome. Actually there are many more tutorials on youtube, I just shared my most favourite one :D
    I will post some tutorials as soon as I get the chance ^_^

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  14. Teleia idea kai teleia kai ta designs sou! great job :D

  15. I loooove them!!!! Para poli omorfa ola! :D x

  16. @Athina euxaristo ^_^

    @Stavroula thank you bb!!



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