Tuesday 1 February 2011

It's February, time for another calendar post.

Hello everyone!

It's February so yay, it's time for another calendar post.

Lucky colour for each day
1 Scarlet 2 Lemon yellow 3 Sky blue 4 Red 5 Milky purple 

6 Pearl pink 7 Off white 8 Blue 9 Chocolate brown 10 Jet black 11 Pearl  pink 12 Silver 
13 Red 14 Milky yellow 15 Milky blue 16 Pearl beige 17 Salmon pink 18 Crocus 19 Orange 
20 Pearl beige 21 Sparkly white 22 Pearl white 23 Milky pink 24 Sparkly purple 25 Vivid pink 26 Pearl pink
27 Gold 28 Pink white

 And here is the nail art tutorial for February

1. For your base you use 2 coats of red.
2. Towards the right of your nail you out a heart in a balanced way.
3. Maintaining the balance you surround the heart with other parts.

That was it for February.
I hope you liked it and found some good ideas for your manis ^_^


  1. Loved the tutorial,such a cute idea!

  2. Nice mani!!
    Perfect for V-day!!

  3. Thnx for sharing so many ideas for lovely mani's!

  4. So many cute ideas on that calendar, thanks for sharing!

  5. Yay!!! Another one!!! :)
    Ok, the tutorial looks great!!!
    The hearts on it... are they pre made or molded?

    But thanks anyways for posting this, looking at nail art makes me happy (I've even started messing around myself, might post it sometime)!


  6. @Artemi glad you liked it :)

    @rock-or-not indeed! It has many good ideas for Valentine's manis in this month in general!

    @maisenzasmalto thank you :)

    @Renate yay, I'm glad you liked it!

  7. @Kayleigh you're welcome ^_^

    @Kenzie glad you liked it :)

    @Tina the parts are actually sold like that, they are like nail sized charms. They can be found in places that sell Japanese style nail supplies ^_^
    Oooooh, that's fab! Can't wait to see your nail art results too!

  8. the heart is cute!!! but where to get it?

  9. If you search ebay for metallic nail art parts you are bound to find some :)

  10. I think the horizontal dots on the 8th are my favorite--maybe because I think I could actually do that one. :)

  11. Thanks for sharing thesse ideas ^^

  12. so sweet!!!! lovely little tutorial, too!!!!
    and wow, lucky colors of the month!!! I'm so keeping this! :) is it based off of the Japanese philosophy or something?

    yay!!! That (Japanese?) girl looks so pretty, darn them! lol :))))



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