Saturday 2 April 2016

Spring flowers, a new beginning

April is the month for new beginnings, spring is here and the earth is waking up again so it is time for something new on my blog too. As I love shopping and selling online, from time to time I will choose a theme and make collections of products I really like.

I am starting today with a Spring Flowers collection of products I found on Storenvy.

There is a little something for everyone in this collection so let's get started and see all the items in more detail.

From left to right:
Flower Pendant by Brightest Boutique
I really loved this colourful pendant full of flowers in pink and blue shades. So bright and happy, it is an ideal piece for spring.
Floral Owl and Squirrel Dress for toddler girls by Chic + Sundry
Being mum to a cute toddler myself, I just couldn't pass up this lovely dress. The print is so adorable and I can picture my little one wearing this and looking super kawaii.
Coral Teal Lace Flower Purse by Kiser Krafts Handmade
A lovely floral purse in teal and coral shades with lace and a bow. What's not to love?

From left to right:
Sakura Ring by Lac
Nothing says spring better than Sakura so here is a cherry blossom ring.
Cherry Blossoms Handpainted Shoes by LUW by Serap ONEY
A pair of Sakura handpainted shoes to die for, I fell in love with these. Birds flying over cherry tree branches, perfect for hanami or a walk in the park while admiring the cherry trees.
Petals & Pearls Necklace in pink + cream by BB Bead Boutique
A lovely necklace in pink and cream colours, with a lovely rose as the focal point. I love this colour combination, so dreamy and elegant.

From left to right:
Glittery Rose Necklace by Wilde Designs by Wildemoon
Spring is the perfect time for glitter (but then again which season isn't?), so here is a lovely rose necklace made of resin and glitter. Available in two colours, to choose the one you like best.
White orchid bracelet by B+K Crafts
A lovely bracelet inspired by nature, with the picture of a beautiful orchid set on a linden wood slice. Unique and charming, it's a perfect spring accessory.
Lavender Dreams Bath Salt Soak by Black RoseEssentials
Who doesn't love a bit of pampering with a touch of spring? I suggest this lovely Bath Salt Soak with Lavender for the ultimate relaxing and healing experience.

Finishing up this collection with a few touches of home decor.
From left to right:
Let Love Grow Here print by Fox + Hazel
A lovely and inspiring print perfect to add a colourful touch to your space or give as a gift to someone you love.
Sakura Tree by Snowgem
Sakura and spring go together and this Sakura Tree illustration is so charming!
Acts of Kindness are the Blossoms of the Soul Vinyl Wall Decal by Decal Drama
Finishing off the collection with a Vinyl Wall Decal featuring lovely flowers and an inspiring quote by Anthony Douglas Williams.


  1. Beautiful, I really like the Sakura pumps.

  2. Yaaay for flowers!I liked the flower pendant,the sakura ring,the dress(wish I was a toddler) and ofc the pumps..Maybe in the next life I will be a girly girl who can actually wear heels! lol

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