Friday 25 June 2010

Bling me up, Scotty!

Hello everyone ^_^/

Wow, this has been a super busy week for me but finally the weekend is here, yay!!!

Today I would like to share a couple more deco creations (can't help myself, I love the bling XD).

Here is a quick bling up I did to my friend Gatumi's mobile phone.

The cute phonestrap is made by her :)

And a couple more things I did this week.

Small deco pillcase

and a photo frame that was a custom order

What's coming up next? A few more deco and nail tutorials and also a small giveaway that Gatumi and me have in the works. Stay tuned :)


  1. You are so talented! Those creations look fantastic! =) Thanks so much for entering my giveaway, good luck!

    I also got you a blog award - check it out on my blog

  2. Uwaaaa, thank you so much. Your giveaway is awesome, it was a great idea. I hope to have one soon too, I am still trying to decide on the products ^_^

    Awwww, that is so sweet of you, thank you so very much <3

  3. wow, that is amazing! I love the picture frame so beautiful! keep it up :)



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