Friday 25 June 2010

Gatumi Cyberlox Inc. & Cel's deconails joint contest

So as my friend Gatumi and me are into pinup style clothing and make-up lately, we decided to have a small contest.

We will be giving out two awards to the best pin-up inspired looks.

All you have to do is subscribe to our blogs and submit a clear photo of your pin-up girl inspired look/make up (without excessive photoshop)!

This contest will be up until the 1st of August, so we will be taking entries until then.

First place will get a set of pin up style nails by yours truly

And second place will get a fabulous cherry pendant by Gatumi Jewelry with matching earrings.

If you want some inspiration take a look at Gatumi's blog, she has posted a fab pin-up make up tutorial there.

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