Tuesday 27 October 2015

Halloween nail inspiration, spooky kawaii nail art tutorials

Less than a week left for Halloween and spooky parties are in full swing. While trying to decide on my Halloween manicure, I turned to my trusted Japanese nail art magazines for nail inspiration and found lots of spooky and kawaii nail art ideas so I decided to share them in a new post.

Halloween nail art

Halloween is very popular in Japan and all the nail art magazines share tutorials and great ideas for cute nails to match the occasion. In my country it's not officially celebrated but many people throw Halloween parties or organise spooky themed events. I always attend so I want to have nails to match.

I will start with Nail Max, which always has very detailed step by step tutorials as you can see.

Nail Max Halloween
 Trick or treat! What do you prefer? Cute pumpkins or creepy spiders?
Halloween nail art
Or maybe little ghosts and why not a cute Halloween bear! Ranging from easy designs to 3d gel style nails, there is a little something for everyone.
Halloween nail art tutorial

In Nail Venus you can find the most popular Halloween designs in nail salons all over Japan. So many creepy mani ideas!

Spooky kawaii nail art

Kawaii Halloween nail art

They are all so cute, I think it's even harder for me now to decide what to do. What about you dear readers? Which design do you like best?

p.s. These scans have been provided to me by a friend who wishes to remain anonymous.

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