Thursday 11 February 2016

Romantic lace nails with nail stamping

February is the perfect month for romantic nails so I decided to go for a lace manicure in turquoise and pink. I recently picked up Charmmy & Sugar by the OPI Hello Kitty collection and it turned out to be the perfect base for what I had in mind.

Nail stamping lace

Here is my set up:
Born Pretty store nail stamping Fab Ur Nals deluxe stamper

What I used:
Deluxe Stamper by Fab Ur Nails
OPI Charmmy & Sugar by the OPI Hello Kitty collection
Born Pretty stamping polish in turquoise #18 (provided to me for review)
Born Pretty Large Stamping plate BPL-020
Seche Vite top coat   

lace nail art

As my interest has shifted mainly to indie nail polish bands, it's been a while since I picked up an OPI nail polish but I really wanted to have something from the Hello Kitty collection. Most of the colours were too normal for my taste, but I liked the lovely pink glitter that is Charmmy and Sugar.
The stamping polish has been sent to me by Born Pretty Store for review and I have to say I am very pleased with it. A lovely colour that I didn't have in my collection, it is very easy to use and dries quite fast. For the lace I chose the BPL-020 plate, as it has many lovely lace designs and the two of them worked great together as you can see.
As for the stamper, after trying quite a few brands I have to say FAb Ur Nails nail stampers are the best. They work great, without needing any priming, they always pick up all the images and all you need to clean them is a lint roller. Fabulous indeed!

Kawaii nails

I really like the end result, I think it is a lovely colour combination. It is different from the gothier colours that I usually wear but I am very pleased with it.


  1. These nails are so pretty ;-)

  2. Love at first sight!So pretty and elegant.And I will have to agree,Fab Ur Nails stampers are amazing,their XL gold stamper is the one my hand automatically goes to every time.. :)

    1. Thank you ^_^
      Yes, after trying so many stampers, they are the best ones!

  3. so so lovely and such a great colour combo <3

    1. Thank you my dear :) I wanted to try something I don't usually wear.

  4. I love lace nails (in fact I bought the same plate :-D), your color combo is really interesting!!

    1. Thank you! Lace nails are so pretty! So that plate is a must I think ^_^



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