Wednesday 7 August 2013

August nail inspiration, hot nail colours for summer, nail art tutorials

August, the last and hottest month of summer is here, so for this month's nail inspiration, let's take a look at the hottest summer nail colours, according to Japanese nail magazines. You can see 8 fun and easy to do summer nail art tutorials after the cut.

This month's scans also come from the 15 year anniversary issue of Nail Max (if you can get your hands on this issue it is totally worth it!) Just looking at all these pretties, I want them all!!!

So first up we have nails in black or white. Both classic colours for every season.

For something more feminine, red and pink nails. Both classic colours as well.

When it comes to summer nails, orange and yellow colours are a must!

And last but not least, gold and silver for a touch of glam!

What do you think dear readers? Which colour is your favourite for summer? Personally I like blue and teal nails but they were not included in this list!

As always you can click on the images for larger versions. And remember, I just scanned these images, they are the property of Nail Max and the respective nail artists. Still that doesn't mean you can steal these images ^_^


  1. I hope the magazine is still on sale when I'm in Japan... :D Can't wait~~

    1. Uwaaaa are you going soon? So awesome!!! I am sure it will be as usually you can find 1-2 back issues in places like Tsutaya.

  2. I love the first image! ThanQ for the inspirational pictures! Lots of cute KAWAII ideas :)

  3. So pretty!
    They're always worth it!

  4. Ι really love bright orange for summer, thanks for the inspiration dear :)

  5. orange!!!!what else?



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