Friday 25 April 2014

Memebox, a beauty box full of Korean cosmetics

Hello, hello!!!
After almost two months, here I am back with another blog post. Today we will talk about one of my favourite topics, Asian beauty products and more specifically Korean beauty products. After years of using various brands I have found that Asian cosmetics work much better for me than western ones. So when I heard that there is a beauty box full of Korean beauty products, and after the disappointment Glowbox turned out to be, I just had to try it.

Meet Memebox, possibly the best beauty box there is.

I love the idea of a surprise box full of beauty products as it gives you the opportunity to try so many new brands that you never thought might work for you. Especially when it is full of Asian beauty products.

Korean Beauty box

When I first found out about Memebox, it had already reached number 5. There weren't many reviews around but the few I found were positive so I ordered it to check it out. Even though it is a beauty box, there is no monthly subscription. You can buy any box you like.

Memebox #5 Korean beauty box

When the box arrived, I was very excited and when I opened it I wasn't disappointed.
3 full size products, 4 deluxe sample size products (what you mean these aren't full size??? they are seriously huge!!!) and 3 sample pouches.
Here is what was included:
1. Derma:B daily moisture body lotion (deluxe sample)
2. Nuganic Customize pore control essence (full size)
3. CNP Laboratory cleansing perfecta (deluxe sample)
4. Aromatica Tasteless aroma therapy roll on (full size)
5. Lipozone body ampoule (deluxe sample)
6. Sella organic soap (deluxe sample)
7. Espoir lip gloss (full size)
8. Physiogel pouch sample mix
9. Dear Jane pouch sample mix
10. Leaders CC cream and UV moist sun gel samples.

All in all a very good mix and excellent value for 23USD. The only product I won't be using are the ampoules.

I was very pleased with my first box so I ordered a few more. I missed out on numbers 6 and 7 but I managed to get Memebox #8.

Memebox Korean beauty box

Once again I wasn't disappointed! 3 full size products and 3 deluxe samples.
Opening the box was so funny as I saw a huge face mask with PSY's face on it XD
Here is the complete list of what was included:
1. Flower Men energy factory moist boosting sheet mask - Hyaluronic acid (full size)
2. Hairich Vedacell hair program shampoo (deluxe sample)
3. Tonymoly BCDATION SPF 30++ (deluxe sample and pouch sample)
4. Heart Face ultra pore care sleeping pack (deluxe sample)
5. Secret Key snow white cream (full size)
6. MAX Clinic Caviar massage oil foam cleanser (full size).
There isn't a product in this box that I won't use.

After trying all the products in these two boxes, here are my favourites.

From Memebox #5 the star product is the Derma:B daily moisture body lotion. First of all I was impressed by the size of the "sample". I would consider this a full size product. I love the smell and the effect on my skin when I use it. Very hydrating :)
From Memebox #8 we have a tie between the Hairich Vedacell hair program shampoo and the  Secret Key Snow White cream. I didn't know what to expect from the shampoo but it worked well with my hair type, yay!!! And I love the Snow White cream as I am a huge fan of whitening creams.

Have you tried any beauty boxes dear readers? Which one is your favourite?
And what do you think of this one? Which one of these products would you like to try?


  1. Beloved memebox!Best beauty box out there indeed!!As a fellow korean beauty products addict I have to agree!And yes,the DermaB body lotion was my favourite item from that box as well!!! ^_^

    1. I am so looking forward to the new boxes!!! Hope they arrive soon ^_^

  2. Πολύ ωραία φαίνονται! :)
    Κάποια στιγμή μάλλον θα δοκιμάσω κάποιο.

    1. Pragmatika a3izei ton kopo, einai polu kalutero apo osa kukloforoun edw!

  3. Asians make great beauty products, and their packaging is always adorable. Flower Men sheet mask is so cute!!! I just ordered my very first lucky memebox and cannot wait to get it in May. Guess who I blame for it... Lovely review glykouli!!! ;o))XXX

    1. I just realized that the Psy mask can be work as a normal mask for the carnival as well XD Should I keep it for next year, I wonder! Hehe I am sure you won't be disappointed by the contents!

  4. I was browsing the website yesterday and ooooh I'm definitely getting a lill box one day! The variety of prices and the "brand boxes" are so good!!

    1. Keep an eye for sales and discount codes and you can end up getting one for less than half price which makes it an even better bargain I think :D

  5. i will get one of these beauty boxes one day!! i've been dreaming to be subscribed to one ;A;

    xkisekii // photography&beauty blog

    1. It's very easy to subscribe to this one as long as they ship to your country :)

  6. I so badly want to try these beauty boxes but sadly they are not available in my country......xoxoxo....^_^

    1. Maybe you can email them and ask? When they first opened my country was not in the list either but I decided to ask them and they added it :)

  7. Thats a lot of items in one box~

    1. I know right? And a great selection too for us who live far away and cannot easily get to know these brands.

  8. Memebox fan club all the way xaxaxa



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