Tuesday 13 November 2012

NYX Girls nail polish haul and swatches

Hello everyone ^_^/

as you might remember a few weeks ago I attended the NYX store opening in my city. As a nail polish collector who respects herself, of course I had to get some nail polish. The store carries the whole range of the NYX Girls nail polish and it was really hard choosing just a few shades.

In the end I decided to buy five shades, Woman, Moonwalk, Aqua Glitter, Maven and Fame. I also received Grapefruit in the gift bag we were given to try out the products.

So here are some swatches of the colours. All swatches are two coats, under direct sunlight. In the cases of Aqua Glitter, Maven and Fame, I swatched them both on their own and over black (one coat black, two coats of each NYX colour) as they are glitters suitable for layering.

From left to right we have Grapefruit, Woman, Moonwalk, Aqua Glitter, Maven, Fame.

Grapefruit is what I would call a pinkish orange, if that makes any sense. It's a beautiful creme, perfect for bright summer days. Woman is a deep burgundy shimmer that will definitely by on my nails during the Holiday season. Moonwalk is a cool lavender metallic colour. Aqua glitter and Maven look quite different in the bottle but on the nails I couldn't tell them apart. Both are very pretty but if you have one, you don't need the other. And last but not least is my favourite of the bunch, Fame. A purple glitter in clear base that looks absolutely fabulous when layered over black. I think I will wear this one the most and will try different layering combinations.

Do you own any NYX Girls nail polishes dear readers? Which shade is your favourite?


  1. I love the colors you chose! Moonwalk was my first NYX polish too! I really love it!

  2. Ooo i love them all!! im such a NYX fan and just love their polishes!

  3. This is crazy (for me) but I like Moonwalk! If it also works with stamps I have to have it!

  4. τελικα υπεκυψα και εγω και πηρα 5 βερνικακια.ποσο να αντεξω ποσο?ειναι πανεμορφα ολα!

  5. Αχ αυτά τα μπλε-γαλάζια που πήρες με βάζουν σε μεγάλο πειρασμό!!!

  6. pretty colors, I am waiting for my preorder for NYX nail polish :D

    Anyway, you can join my current giveaway which will end this December worth of $30.99 product and it opens internationally ^_^




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