Monday 15 October 2012

NYX store opening in Thessaloniki

Hello everyone ^_^/

October has been a very busy month in my city as many well known cosmetics companies have opened shops in the city centre. The most glamorous opening of all was definitely that of NYX Cosmetics. The opening was held on October 6 and all the beauty bloggers of the city were invited.

The store is conveniently located at Ermou 65 in the city centre.

Before the opening we had the chance to browse around and take a closer look at the products. It was fun meeting fellow bloggers while the NYX girls were very kind and helpful and answered all our questions.

 I saw quite a few things I liked but as expected my main focus were the nail polishes. The colour range is amazing and there is no lack of my favourite glitters.

The NYX Cosmetics founder Toni Ko also attended the event. We all had the chance to ask her one question.

photo courtesy of NYX Cosmetics Greece

Unfortunately I had to leave so I didn't make it for the Q&A session. But my friend Fani from Our Walking Closet's Secrets was kind enough to ask my question too. Head over to her blog post to read what was discussed. Before we left we were given a few products to try out.

I really love the orange glitter, just in time for Halloween. I think it will look perfect both on my eyes and nails. The rest of the products were an eye shadow palette, a nail polish in Grapefruit, a jumbo lip pencil and a sheer gloss.

And last but not least, here is my first NYX haul. Apart from all the sparkly nail polishes, I got a face powder, 3 jumbo eye pencils (which are fantastic, I've been using them non stop since I got them) and a purple glitter powder. I will showcase all the above in an upcoming post so stay tuned.

All in all it was a fantastic evening. Welcome to Greece NYX Cosmetics, see you again soon for another epic haul ^_^

p.s. as always you can click on the photos for bigger versions :)



  2. μόλις έρθω θα πάμε <3

    1. α! αυτό δεν το χάνω!!! πάρτε με και εμένα ναι;

  3. Wow!!
    Looks great!
    Great haul!! Can't wait to see that!

  4. με γεια σου και να τα χαρεις ολα!!!!

  5. Nice Pictures. Lucky you :) I wish they have a NYX store here (Unless they do and i don't know anything about it hehe)

  6. Lucky you!! ;) Με γεια όλα!! x

  7. Yay for NYX in Greece! I love their polishes... just wish they weren't so expensive :P Can't wait to see your swatches~

  8. I. Am. Sooooooooooooo. Envious. That wall of polishes OMG!!!!!!!!! Awesome haul too my dear. Those grinding powders look so awesome!

  9. ooh! how exciting! NYX products are great .. but a NYX STORE!? you're gunna have fun there :D

  10. Τελικά μπήκα και εγώ στον πειρασμό να πάρω μανό!! Και τα έχω λατρέψει :)
    Με γεια σου κιόλας!!

  11. Πολύ μου άρεσαν τα ψώνια σου κούκλα μου, μα δεν είναι υπέροχα τα βερνίκια; Στεγνώνουν τσακ μπαμ



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