Tuesday 17 July 2012

May photoblog, a visit from a dear friend

Hello everyone ^_^/

I do apologise for the recent lack of posts but the current heatwave leaves me feeling like a chicken all the time with no mood to do much. Since it is now getting a bit better, I decided to sit down and write a post I've been meaning to write for sometime now.

Back in May, a very dear friend of mine came to visit. None other than the lovely Ms Ria that runs the Miss Dudette blog. She is one of the first blogger friends I made and when she told me she was finally coming to visit, I was super excited as you can imagine ^_^

She came bearing lots of lovely gifts.

Some were beauty related but my favourites were homemade lemonade and lemon cake. Yummy!
She even made a lovely blue franken just for me! Isn't it pretty? (we named it but aaargh I have forgotten the name since then, how bad am I?)

We walked all around town

meeting new and old friends and enjoying some fine food and drinks.

I wanted to keep her here longer but her lizards were waiting so she had to go back home. But we will meet again very soon for sure ^_^

Have you met any of your blogger friends irl dear readers? Did you have fun? Recently I have met quite a few lovely ladies through blogging that I now consider very good friends ^_^


  1. That is super nice :) Its great that you made a good friend through blogging!

  2. Heheheee, awesome time was awesome dude! We will repeat it soon! Also, heat sucks. <3 <3 <3 u!

  3. It's a blog I also follow already ^^
    Sounds so cool!

  4. I want Ria to come baaaaack. Or even better she and you should visit me in Bern :D! Kisses sweetie! Lovely post

  5. Aww that's a lovely story :D

    And it looks like you had lots of fun :D!!

    shall await you in Zurich anytime 2013 ♡

  6. I love how we can make new friends through blogging; they have same interest with us :)



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