Friday 27 July 2012

Estessimo TiNS haul, magical bottles full of glitter

Hello everyone ^_^

Today I want to share with you one of my most favourite nail polish brands. In my opinion, it's maybe the best right next to Anna Sui. Years ago when most brands just had red, pink and sheer colours, this brand was showering nail art enthusiasts with glitter. It's none other than Estessimo TiNS, a Japanese nail polish brand. I first found out about it, while reading Japanese magazines and every time I was in Japan I would pick up a bottle or two.

But I was always looking for a place to buy them online that would ship internationally. Recently my wish was granted as I came across Mei Mei's Signatures. In the last couple of months I placed a few orders, trying to collect my Estessimo TiNS lemmings (that have been piling up over the years XD)

And here they are

On the top row, from left to right we have: the Happy Milk , the Dreamy Magic, Vanessa's Horoscope, the Amethyst, the Perfect Prince and the Saturn.
On the bottom row, from left to right we have: the Pink Sapphire, the Juicy Banana, the Sacred Shine, the Alluring Aquamarine, the Precious Diamond, Macaron Framboises and the Stunning Rock Star. Let me mention that most of these are glitters apart from  the Alluring Aquamarine, the Precious Diamond and the Stunning Rock Star that are holographics.

Of course since I got them, I have been wearing them non stop, so here are some recent manicures with these beauties.

 On the top left I am wearing Estessimo TiNS the Mars, a sparkly red glitter that I had bough back in Japan.
In the top left and in the middle photos I am wearing Estessimo TiNS Vanessa's Horoscope, stamped with white Konad nail polish using the FUN2 image plate that I recently got from Fab Ur Nails.
And on the bottom row, you can see my current mani, Estessimo TiNS the Pink Sapphire. The photos don't do these beauties justice as they are fabulous when you see them up close but I did my best ^_^

How do you like this brand dear readers? Do you own any of these nail polishes? Would you like to see the rest of my TiNS stash? Or is there any specific colour that you would like to see in detail?

p.s. as always, you can click on the photos for bigger versions ^_^


  1. I did not know this brand!!
    Great polishes!
    I love the manis you did!!

    1. Thank you my lovely. It is quite hard to find outside of Japan but absolutely fabulous ^_^

  2. I love the brand! sadly, the price was a little steep for my taste when I was staying in Japan, so I didn't buy enough :D
    How fast was the delivery from Mei Mei's Signatures?

    1. Yes, especially with the yen being so strong, the price situation is tough XD
      It was quite fast. Took just a week to reach from SG to Greece ^_^

    2. Wow, that's really fast! I have just been going through the Mei Mei site a couple of days ago. Interesting to get a review this promptly xD

  3. I am speechless, but I was more speechless when I saw these up close, they are magnificent and I need them in my life ♥

    1. They are fab, aren't they? Hehehe I will try to help in fulfilling this wish if I can my lovely <3

  4. Lots of SNIL :P
    didn't know it was a jp brand *shameonme*

    1. SNIL for the win XD
      From the pics in magazines it is not obvious at all.
      And I remember in the past that google searches did not produce many results either.

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you :)
      It's a shame that this brand is kinda hard to find, it deserves some attention.



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