Wednesday 14 March 2012

Swapping with friends is always fun!

Hello everyone ^_^/

You know that happy feeling when you get a package in the post. It is very exciting when it is nail mail. But what makes it even more special is when the package is from a dear friend. During the last couple of months I received packages from two very special friends of mine so today I want to show you what was inside ^_^

Just a bit after the holidays I received a Happy New Year package from my dear friend 'Chelle. I have met her through her blog Cosmetic Cupcake and I can say she is now one of my dearest friends both in the blogging world and outside of it. So you can tell I am always happy to receive anything from her ^_^

The package was filled with amazing goodies, from snacks to nail polishes and cosmetics.

I decided to try the Face of Australia nail polish in Iron Ore first, with a layer of OPI Pink Shatter over it.

Iron Ore is part of the Face of Australia Molten Metallics collection. It's a beautiful black metallic colour and it worked really well with Pink Shatter.

Just in time for my birthday I received a package from another dear friend of mine, Moni from Beauty Oshaberi. We have so many things in common including our love for kawaii and Anna Sui and you can see that in the package contents ^_^

So many lovely nail polishes and brands I have never tried before and she even fulfilled my wish for the new Anna Sui nail polishes in the dress bottles. *does happy dance* I have already tried some of these beauties in a mani I did for my birthday trip to London (blog post about that coming soon).

And finally as soon as I returned from my trip, I found another package from 'Chelle, for my birthday. It was so sweet of her to remember me <3

As you can see the package was full of spring colours and unique nail polshes plus so many cute goodies including a bow for my iphone (which I am using already ^_^).

Do you like doing swaps? If you want to see the other end of the swaps with my dear friends, make sure to check their fabulous blogs too. If you would like to swap with me, just drop me an email :)


  1. Those look so great! Always a joy to receive polish packages ;)

    1. Hehehe yes, it is so much fun! Especially since there are so many brands that are impossible to find here XD

  2. Replies
    1. ^_^ the only problem is that I cannot wear them on my nails all at once!

  3. so fun, and so much cool stuff.

    1. :) thank you dear, I was so happy to take part in all these swaps.



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