Thursday 5 January 2012

Let's welcome the year of the Dragon

Hello everyone ^_^/

Happy New Year! It is 2012, the year of the Dragon, according to the Chinese zodiac. The Dragon is a symbol of strength and good luck so I am expecting this year to bring great things for each and everyone of us and for humanity as a whole.

For the first post of the year and of this month I will continue with the monthly nail inspiration posts.
For January, inspiration comes from the January edition of Nail Up!, which is my favourite nail magazine.

Here are some nail art ideas based on the colours that are in for the season.

The snowflake design on the bottom right of the second picture was actually the inspiration for my Christmas manicure ^_^

So what do you think of this month's nail inspiration? Do you like these designs? Do you agree with the colours? Personally I fail to see mustard as a trendy colour, I would much more prefer a forest green one instead.


  1. Those are great nail art ideas!

    I did year of the dragon nail art:

  2. Happy new year!! Hope the dragon year brings you luck!


  3. I love the designs. And dragons. And I kinda like the mustard trend, as long as it's glittery mustard aka gold!

  4. LOVE those nail designs!

    lindsey |

  5. Happy New Year! Wish you and your loved ones have a great 2012 in good health and lots of love!
    The designs are stunning, thanks for sharing!

  6. Hi. I'm giving you the Cute Blog Award! I hope you accept it :)

  7. cute nails! i love them!! Stopping by to check out your adds and sponsors. <3 Every-time I comment <3 Have a beautiful day!

  8. Hi,I come here to wish you a great day!

    Kisses from Brazil!

  9. Hey! nice Nail designs and i hope this Dragon year bring happiness to all of us.
    Contect: Sana Ahamed

  10. Many kisses to all of you lovely ladies ^_^
    Let's hope this year will be one of the best.



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