Monday 13 June 2011

the Greek files #8 and a NOTW

Hello everyone ^_^/

today marks the end of a long weekend for us here and I have yet another version of the Greek files along with a NOTW.

A few weeks ago I picked up some nail colours from local brands to swatch.
Amongst them was Seventeen #501 a fabulous dark purple with silver glitter. It looked fun in the bottle and purple always catches my eye. But when I saw it on my nails, I was blown away!

It is one of the prettiest purple polishes I have ever owned. I applied two coats over base coat. The formula was perfect and I had full coverage with two coats. I didn't apply any top coat and it dried quite fast.

I liked the colour so much that I didn't want to take it off. So I decided to spice it up and keep it for the week (I usually do my nails once or maximum twice a week as I am quite busy most of the time). I went for a silver x purple combination to match the nail polish as best I could.

Here is what I used

Seventeen #501
Essence Blair
Essence silver stampy polish
Seche Vite top coat
Bundle Monster plates 225 and 211 from the new set.

And this is the final result.

I think that #500 is one of the prettiest colours in the Seventeen collection and definitely my favourite purple right now.

For a chance to win some Greek nail polishes along with other goodies don't forget to enter my ongoing giveaway ^_^


  1. That is a really pretty purple!

  2. This mani is amazing! I want that skull plate!

  3. I love this mani!
    Really cool!

  4. lovely!!!!!I love the skulls!!!!

  5. OMG, that purple is STUNNING! I've really been loving purples lately, and you know how I am about sparkle! It really looks good on you, too!! Talk about a super find! :D

  6. An k to xw dei hdh...
    It's soooooooo pretty. I love your creativity kanelonious dear. ♥

  7. Ωραίο χρώμα!!
    Μου άρεσε το ροκ ύφος στο μανικιούρ σου!!

  8. thats so pretty!!! such a creative mani!

  9. Me again. :) I tagged you with an award, hope it's okay to leave the link here:

  10. Wow, really pretty purple! Seventeen #500 is in my wishlist now! Love the nail art!

  11. Cute skull mani! I think I need the new BM plates!

    BTW I gave you an award for your blog because I think you're doing a great job, you can pick it up on my blog at:

  12. Love this mani it's so cute especially the skull stamp I can't wait to get the new BM plates cuz this is too cute

  13. Sooooo pretty!! *must resist* lol

  14. Thank you so much ladies, I am so happy you liked it! I am planning on including this nail polish in a future giveaway for sure :)



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