Sunday 19 June 2011

Some nail art for your viewing pleasure

Hello everyone ^_^/

I am sorry about the lack of updates but I am travelling at the moment and internet access is limited.
So here is a cool nail art display I saw while walking around London today.

Excuse the crappy iPhone pic but at least you get an idea about what's in here right now ;)

Will try to do a mini haul post tomorrow.


  1. CUTE! Did you take advantage?

  2. Ah,lucky kaneloni...Emeis brazoume k exoume e3etastikh, esu boltareis London... ♥

  3. @thenailholic unfortunatelly I didn't have time,I was just passing by but decided to take a snap anyway ^_^

    @Ria min paraponiesaiiiii, tin alli fora 8a se paro mazi mou <3

    @Sara ♥'s ... glad you liked it! Sorry for the bad quality of the pic XD

  4. I'm your 1000th follower!! :) Congratulations!



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