Tuesday 1 March 2011

It's spring time, so here is the March calendar

Hello everyone ^_^/

with the new month, spring has supposedly come (although it's still quite cold here).

So here is the March edition of the nail calendar from Nail Up!

Lucky colour for each day
1 Lemon yellow 2 Milky pink 3 Scarlet 4 Pearl pink 5 Red 

6 Milky purple 7 Orange 8 Pink white 9 Vivid yellow 10 Pink beige 11 Beige 12 White 
13 Pearl pink 14 Light green 15 Pearl pink 16 Silver 17 White 18 
Salmon pink 19 Sparkly blue 
20 Pastel pink 21 Aqua 22 Pearl beige 23 Salmon pink 24 Pink orange 25 Pearl pink 26 Purple
27 Sparkly pink 28 Pearl white 29 White 30 Green 31 Pastel blue

For March there are two tutorials. Both are quite easy to make!

For the one on the left you paint the nails beige. Then using acrylic colours you paint pink and white stripes. With glitter and bullions you make a star and then add some rhinestones keeping a balanced look on the nail.

For the one on the right you start with a milky pink half moon mani. You draw the animal print with gold and brown. Finally you add the rhinestones on the half moon border and you're done!

I hope you liked this month's looks and tutorials.

More of the calendar in April!


  1. You're amazing!Thnx for the translation and the inspiration!!!

  2. Oh, I've already spotted a couple I want to try!!!!

    Thanks again!


  3. thanks very much :) sometimes it's great when we have no idea !! XOXO

  4. Oh man I wish I had time to try out a new design every day!! The ones for March look so pretty!

  5. Thank you ladies! If you try out any of these designs I would love to see them ^_^



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