Thursday 17 February 2011

My V-Day mani

Hello everyone ^_^/

this is a late and quick post.

Today I will share with you my Valentine's day mani.
Generally I am not a big fan of the day as both my darling and me feel that when you love someone you need to show it and celebrate it everyday and not just once a year. But I did a quick mani anyway.
The base was I love my jeans by Essence, with a coat of NfuOh 48 on top and some heart shaped nail decals.
Quick and easy. It came out cute but didn't even last 12 hours :o (please excuse the smudging on the pics, I didn't have time to do proper clean up).

On another note I would like to apologise for not being so active with blogging but February is being really insane and things are not expected to calm down before the beginning of March. I am quite behind on my reading and commenting but I try to catch up as often as I can.

I am flying out to lovely Budapest in a few hours and will try to blog from there too but I have a couple of scheduled posts coming up that I hope you enjoy (hope they work this time).

Have a fabulous weekend everyone <3


  1. Waaah your mani is vampy yet still so gorgeous and girlie! Love it =D Nail decals are so great to use for quick nail art and they look so fantastic!

    Have a wonderful trip my dear!! =)

  2. Nfu Oh #48 looks great on black! *note to self: another flakie to get LOL*

  3. So gorgeous!!Hearts decor so sweet hun!!Muah!

  4. Lovely mani and easy too! Have a great trip to Budapest!!!

  5. Oxi pu 8a xanes eukairia esy na kaneis mani! :P LOL ti glykoutsiko pu ine me tis kardoules :) x

  6. Thank you everyone for liking my super fast and kinda fail mani :)



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