Friday 18 February 2011

I have the best friends in the world :D

Hello everyone ^_^/

if all went well with my scheduled posts you will be reading this!

Yesterday just before I left home, I received a package from one of my most loved friends, my dearest 'Chelle.
It is always an absolute pleasure swapping with her but this time, wow, I was blown away by her kindness and excellent taste (also from the fact that she seems to be reading my thoughts as she discovers my tastes even before I do!) On Wednesday it is my birthday so the whole package was birthday themed!

Here are all the goodies!

As you can see she gave me my first Chanel and RBL polishes. Also a fabulous red holo from Ozotic Pro (I am so into red holos lately!), a lovely rich rech Borghese nail polish, the BYS Wonderland polishes that I wanted for so long (<<<<<<<3) and a fabulous purple gradation kit. Lush cosmetics that I love and of course a ton of yummy goodies that I had to hide so my darling won't eat them while I'm gone XD

My dearest 'Chelle, thank you is really not enough to describe what I want to say! But as these are the only words available, I will say it once again. Thank you so very much! This post is dedicated to you with much much love <3


  1. she's so sweet!! awesome package!~ :)

  2. Ahh soooo sweet <3 before I forget I already say Happy Birthday!

  3. You really have the sweetest friends ever!

  4. Wow!!!!! What a great early birthday present!! Chelle is so sweet! Enjoy celaki ;) x

  5. Oh my dear you are so very very welcome *HUGS* Thank you for being such a wonderful and dear friend to me and for this sweet post <3

    I'm glad you liked the polishes!!!!

  6. Thank you ladies for your kind comments and well wishes too! I am still super excited with the contents of this lovely package and preparing swatches and manis to showcase them ^_^



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