Saturday 18 December 2010

the Greek files #4

Hello everyone ^_^/

almost a month has passed since my last Greek Files post so here is another one.

Today I will present to you some nail polishes from Deborah. This brand is not Greek but it is readily available in many beauty stores here and has a fabulous colour selection. Judging from the bottles I would say the brand is Italian but I could be wrong.

So here are my three favourite colours from them.
18 a lovely dark pink with gold shimmer
19 an intense black with multicoloured glitter
36 a deep purple/green duochrome of sorts with silver shimmer

Below you can see them on my nails. Each colour is two coats without base or top coat.

I think 17 could use a third coat as I can still see the nail line but they other colours look great with just two coats. 36 looks like a duocrhome in the bottle but the effect is not that visible when worn. Out of the three I think my favourite is the black, such a fabulous colour!

What do you think of this brand? Have you heard of it before?


  1. I love Deborah. And yes, it is Italian brand. The 36 one is among my most favorite polishes ever. I also have it on my blog here

  2. the last one is so pretty
    I would like to give you a chance to enter my give away

  3. Ohhh I think I'm in love with the second pictured polish! GORGEOUS!

  4. love the second colour it is gorgeous xx

  5. All of them look fabulous doll!!!ta xei sto Hondos??giati de nomizw na ta xw dei edw!!!

  6. I've never tried Deborah to be honest. The second one looks gorgeous! xxx

  7. I've not heard of this brand before. I like the looks of it. Of course 36 is my favorite, being purple-y. :)

  8. I like the black polish.

  9. @hermetic yay, so I was right! 36 is a fabulous colour!!!

    @you nailed it! it was the first colour that caught my eye from this brand! Thank you, I entered it and also posted it here so other people can enter too :)

    @Rachel Marie thank you! Seriously their whole colour selection is fabulous. No boring colours from this brand.

  10. @Orla xx glad you liked the colours :)

    @Blushingloves nai, nai ta exei, prepei na pas exei pou exei ta bernikia mazemena. Ego apo ekei ta pairno, apla se faseis isos einai out of stock. Fernoun sunexeia omos.

    @Arietta it was the purple that sucked me in. Sunisto tin marka anepifulakta an tin petuxeis :)

  11. @KarenD it is a very interesting brand with a lovely colour selection. Hehehe we have the same taste, this purple rocks!

    @Tanya thank you for your comment :)

    @ThRiSzHa glad you liked them ^_^

  12. Wow :) I have one lilac color from this brand, my sister bought it for me as a souvenir from her holiday to Italy :)

  13. Yes, the brand's Italian. Apparently they're the makeup suppliers for the Miss Italy beauty contest or something.
    I recently found out they have a 'younger' sister brand, Debby, which I believe is only available in Italy. They have a website, check it out:



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