Tuesday 14 December 2010

A glittery Christmas manicure with TiNS and Anna Sui

Hello everyone ^_^/

With just 11 days left for Christmas, here is another Christmas manicure.
To be honest I did this quite some time ago but as it turned out too Christmasy I was saving it for the holiday season.

This look is quite easy to make and I actually got a lot of compliments on it when I had it on.
Here is what I used.

Anna Sui 318, a lovely pink shimmery polish.
TiNS the Holiday Cheer, a fabulous green glitter polish
Anna Sui base and top coat
Natural look Gel top coat
Rhinestones by Viva La Nails

After applying base coat and two coats of each colour on different fingers, I made diagonal stripes with the TiNS polish and using top coat and the rhinestones I made flowers on the other fingers. I used just the glitter polish on my thumb and didn't put anything else on that nail as the colour is quite spectacular on it's own.
I sealed everything with a layer of natural look Gel top coat and voilĂ !


  1. These are very very cute! I love the shape the of the Anna Sui polish!

  2. ooh! so pretty ! anna sui & tins polishes look so awesome :)

  3. Gorgeous manicure! I love the rose shaped bottle and your green glitter accent finger - it looks wonderful! :)

  4. This is stunning, so girly, I love it!

  5. Very festive! I love those Anna Sui bottles; one day I will add some to my stash.

  6. Christmasy it is! Like it a lot! Kept staring at the TiNS and AS bottles...it's on my Christmas wishlist ^^

  7. @RachelMarie the Anna Sui bottles are so adorable plus the nail polish smells of roses <3

    @YoannitaL me too ^_^

    @Katrina I just with TiNS was easier to find!

    @Carissakuo thank you!

  8. @Jette Thank you ^_^

    @Freshie thanks a lot :D

    @KarenD the Anna Sui polishes are fabulous! And they are to blame for my nail polish addiction too. A bit pricey but totally worth to add in your collection for sure ^_^

    @Kayleigh it's funny because I did this back in September and I was thinking that it came out too festive for back then. But it is okay for Christmas :D



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