Tuesday 24 August 2010

Gotta love the bling!

Hello everyone ^_^/

How are you all doing? I hope you are enjoying the last days of August.

I am on vacation in lovely and super hot Tokyo and as my internet access here is weird, I cannot really post and comment as much as I would like. I do apologise for that. I am doing my best though and will catch up for good when I return.

So while here I am indulging in my favourite pastimes, including nails and deco of course. I have stocked up with fabulous new supplies and nail polishes that cannot be found elsewhere. I will have lots of haul photos and swatches to share when I return. I am also preparing a little surprise for you all, so stay tuned.

Until then let me share some deco with you, that I made for one of my dearest friends in the whole world.

First is a lovely hand mirror. She wanted something that would match the colours of her bedroom and have a romantic theme so this is what I did for her ^_^

And also a bling Hello Kitty ring. She said it reminded her of Paris Hilton. Should I be flattered or not? XD

I am going to be adding similar items at my etsy shop soon ^_^

Until next time everyone <3


  1. OMGAH @ the Hello Kitty ring!


    xo Nicole

  2. oh sweetie, the art deco is just gorgeous! The mirror!!! <33 & the ring!!

    How long are you in Japan for hun? I haven't been on LJ for so long...but would love to see pictures when you're back.

    *missed you* LIFE = shipped! But wait, you can just pick it up over there since you're in Japan right now. XD

  3. thats too cute! i hope you enjoy the rest of your trip! i would love to be in Tokyo right now!~

  4. I'd like to see your haul photos! :) Omg, the ring is so cute!!

  5. so pretty xxxx


  6. I am in LOVE with that ring! So cute!

  7. OMFG the hand mirror is just too gorgeous!!! And the ring is so cute. LOL at the comment about Paris Hilton, I think it was a compliment =p



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