Sunday 4 July 2010

Of nails and birthdays

Hello everyone ^_^/

Happy 4th of July to all Americans and Canadians.

July 4th is special for me too but for another reason.
Two of my favourite artists share a birthday on July 4th.
So I am gonna share one video of each to celebrate.

The first is Gackt, one of the most talented and magical musicians I've ever heard.
He is having a European tour this month and I can't wait to enjoy his live performance once again.
This is one of my favourite songs from him, 雪月花 - The end of silence.

The second is Akanishi Jin, a totally hilarious and sometimes sexy and fun guy from a popular JE band, KAT-TUN. Jin sometimes likes to think he is Justin Timberlake but I guess that's part of his charm too XD
This is a collaboration he did with Jpop artist Crystal Kay, a lovely song called Wonder.

And as I don't want to divert from the main purpose of this blog, here are some swatches of one of my favourite polishes, OPI's Do you Lilac It.
I am gonna turn this into an animal print mani which I am gonna post later on but for now here is the lovely light purple colour, two coats without top coat.

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