Monday 4 February 2013

February nail inspiration, kawaii characters nail art tutorials

My favourite month, February, is finally here, so of course it has to start with a nail inspiration post ^_^
Also this post marks the start of my first theme month. The theme being kawaii (cute). So this nail inspiration post is full of kawaii nail art tutorials with cute characters that we all know and love.

These tutorials come from the January 2013 issue of Nail Up!
Kawaii characters are huge in Japan as expected and the queen of everything kawaii is none other than Hello Kitty.

Some fun nail art ideas using simple nail art techniques and kawaii decals that are available in Japan. If you cannot find the same you can always see what is available in your area and change the design accordingly ^_^

Other popular characters from the Sanrio family are My Melody and Kiki & Lala (also known as Little Twin Stars)
I adore the Kiki&Lala designs, both are so cute!

Of course when it comes to kawaii characters, we cannot forget about Disney.
Disney characters are as popular as ever and always a great source of inspiration for nail art.

Last but not least, two very famous cute ladies, Betty Boop and Barbie.

Do you like kawaii characters dear readers? Would you wear your nails like this? Which ones are your favourites? Although I am a sucker for everything Hello Kitty to be honest I prefer Kiki&Lala and My Melody. Especially Kuromi, the evil My Melody. But this is a topic for another post I think ^_^


  1. I am dying from the cuteness! This Minnie mani is so adorable!

    1. Hehehe I knew you would like the Disney ones my dear ^_^

  2. You're trying to kill me with overload cuteness!
    I love it!

  3. I love the fab designs, like betty boop and the items. But you need such a steady hand and thin brush for such delicates xD

    1. That's true but I noticed they mostly use nail decals for these. If only we had such a cute variety here too!

  4. The Kiki&Lala are freakin' cute *__* and perhaps the most "wearable"...



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