Thursday 25 October 2012

10 items I would repurchase tag

Hello everyone ^_^/

back in August the lovely Argyrousa tagged me with the 10 items I would repurchase tag. So here are the 10 beauty products I would repurchase if I ran out.

1. Etude House BB cream for Oily Skin. I have tried a lot of BB creams but this one is by far the best for my skin. It kills any breakout, has perfect coverage, yet feels light on the face and blends perfectly with my skin tone.
2. Skin 79 UV perfect BB Pact SPF 30. My favourite face product along with my BB cream. Gives my face a matte look and has SPF 30 to protect me from the harmful sunrays. It's always in my purse.
3. Majolica Majorca Lash Expander Frame Plus mascara. The best mascara you can ever find. Majolica Majorca is the drugstore department of Shisheido and available only in Asia but if you ever come across this epic product, do not pass it by. Your lashes will be grateful!
4. Seche Vite top coat. Need I say more?
5. TonyMoly petite bunny gloss bar in cherry. I usually cannot take lip products as they bother me but I am loving this one. It hydrates my lips and gives them a small splash of colour too. Plus it has a lovely cherry scent. (for a chance to win one of these in neon yellow amongst other things, make sure you enter my Happy Halloween giveaway).
6. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk. This is a new entry but I always find products like this very handy and this shade is perfect for every occasion.
7. LUSH Lemony Flutter cuticle butter. This is my third pack if that says anything.
8. L'Occitane precious fluid. I cannot go without this one. This bottle is almost over so I will need a new one soon.
9. Apivita Lavender & Honey shampoo. My favourite lavender smell can be on my hair too. A shampoo designed for sensitive scalp, it also makes my hair soft and shiny :)
10. And last but not least, another L'Occitane product, the infamous L'Occitane Shea Butter. There are many ways to use this, from hydrating your body to taking care of rough spots like feet. Highly recommended!

So what are the 10 products you would repurchase dear readers? 


  1. Έχω πολλά από τη λίστα και όσα δεν έχω θα τα έχω σύντομα :D Ι love them all :D <3

  2. Τι υπέροχα πραγματάκια! Αυτό το L'Occitane precious fluid θα το κοιτάξω γιατί για να μην μπορείς χωρίς αυτό σίγουρα θα αξίζει!!! =)

  3. to seche vitte einai klassiko agaphmeno! ax ti mou ekanes me auta ta TonyMoly!!einai toso glukouliaaa!!

  4. Still haven't try Seshe Vite... I know I need this one badly!lovely post honey!!


  5. The bunny gloss bar is too cute! Thanks for sharing this! Now I really need to give that mascara a try.

  6. They sound like really good products, thanks for the review.

  7. Από την L'Occitane έχω βάλει στο μάτι μια κρεμούλα ελπίζω να την πάρω σύντομα :)

  8. I love posts like this~ it's the best way to discover new products! c:

    May I ask what the cuticle butter does? o:

  9. LOCCItane fan vlepo! tha ta dokimaso. x



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