Wednesday 11 April 2012

Colourful spring skittle nails full of roses

Hello everyone ^_^/

today I have a very easy nail art tutorial to share with all of you, with impressive results, if I may say so.
It shall be called colourful spring skittles full of roses.

First here is what you will need

A neutral nail polish as your base. I used Zoya Cho.
Five bright creme colours (one for each finger). I used some of the new Ulta3 spring nail colours that I got from my friend 'Chelle in one of our recent swaps.
A flakie. I used Zoya Chloe.
Flower nail stickers. I used roses in yellow, blue and pink tones.
A sponge.
Tweezers to pick up the stickers.
A top coat to seal everything.

First I painted my nails with the neutral colour. After it was dry I sponged a different colour on each nail.
I waited for the nail polish to dry and then added a coat of Zoya Chloe. I could have stopped here if I wanted, as the result was already to my liking.

But I wanted to spice it up a little bit, so I added a mix of roses on each nail, sealing everything with top coat on the end. Here is the final result.

Fun and easy ^_^

On a side note, some interesting news for my Greek readers. If you would like to win one of my kawaii whipped cream cookie rings, head over to it's all beauty to me to take part in Lady D's competition


  1. Pretty! I especially like the green nail ;)

    1. ^_^ thank you! I had yellow too on my thumb but it didn't fit in the photo XD

  2. this is so pretty! I love it with and without the roses :) gorgeous in every way

  3. Such a pretty manicure!! Loved it very much!!

  4. Looks good enough to eat!! lol...

  5. Wow, it's super pretty!! Love it!



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