Saturday 26 November 2011

Nails, nails and more nails + a cool deal

Hello everyone ^_^/

Wow, it's been almost two weeks since my last post but I have a good excuse. I am working for something very exciting. I cannot reveal what it is yet but soon, very soon, I will ^_^

In the meantime, here are the nails I've been sporting for these last couple of weeks.

First I wore my favourite colour from the Color Club Molten Metals collection, Lumin-Icent. It's a lovely light blue metallic colour which is perfect for this time of year. Perfect coverage in two coats is definitely a plus ^_^

After a couple of days of crafting non stop there was some minor chipping. But I loved the colour so much that I decided a glitter gradation mani would be the best solution. I used Color Club Sugarplum Fairy and Jingle Jangle from the Beyond the Mistletoe collection and voila! My mani was saved!

Don't you just love gradation nails? It's one of my favourite looks as it's easy to make and always looks glamorous!

Next up I went for my favourite colour, purple! Here is Etude House LUCIDarling in Purple Satin. I had to use three coats for this one to get perfect coverage.

And last but not least, here is the colour I have on right now. China Glaze Marry a Millionaire from the Eye Candy 3D glitter collection. I was so excited when I first heard about these that I just had to get them asap! And I definitely wasn't disappointed! It was really hard choosing which colour to try first but I just had to go with the purple one in the end XD

The photo just doesn't do this beauty justice. This is one of the most interesting glitters I have ever owned. Purple mini bar glitter with a mix of green and silver. Absolutely fantastic!!!

Before I close this post I would like to inform you about a great deal that is on right now at over at Viva La Nails. There is a Black Friday 25% off deal running. Just enter code BLACK during check out to get 25% off your order.

I certainly won't be passing this one up!


  1. Kaneloniiiiiiii!!!You're back!And with a glittery post!Yaaaay! Oh the ChG one looks soo pretty! I'm off to check Viva la nails now!
    Filoumpes stis magouloumpes! <3

  2. Those are some gorgeous combinations!So much with when you can various nail polishes to achieve different looks. Good work. :)

  3. oh my the puuuuurple is soo nice :D
    finally you updated ^__^

  4. Great swatches!!
    I love them all!

  5. Love this glittery gradation mani! Why the greek affordable companies can't launch such amazing nail colours? I wonder...

  6. Totally gorgeous swatches! It's a brilliant idea to save the chipped mani by doing a gradient =] And what are you up to, very curious...

  7. I think the purple with glitter tips would look really good!

  8. Whoa, look how intensely metallic this Color Club one is!!!
    Love the look of such "molten metal" nail colours at the moment - such a head turning finish!!!




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