Friday 14 October 2011

A sweet surprise can brighten even the darkest day

Hello everyone ^_^/

A few days ago as I was checking my mail, I came across a very sweet surprise.
Something unexpected was within the packages. It was mail from my sweet friend Moni who runs the blog Beauty Oshaberi (you should totally check it out, especially if you are a fan of Japanese culture and beauty (^_^)v )

I literally squeed with joy when I opened the package. Moni knows me so well ^_____^
The items she included where one cutest than the other! Fantastic polishes and cute Hello Kitty goods plus beauty products that I have never tried before! So exciting!!!
But what made me the happiest was the gesture, the feeling that I have a friend who went to all the trouble mostly to bring a smile in my face. This is a feeling that I treasure <3 This sweet surprise has really brightened my week to say the least.

Thank you Moni-chan (and 'Chelle, you know why), you two are a fabulous gang and I am proud and happy to have such fantastic friends as you <3


  1. So glad for you ^^
    Have fun with all this!!

  2. awww so glad you liked it :D
    super bonus that it reached you on such a good day and cheered you up additionally ^__^

    sweet presents for the sweet friends <3

  3. are you intrested in i-swap? please reapond at my profile.

  4. awesome. i will totally check out your friend`s blog :)

  5. Awww, so many goodies! A surprise from a blog friend is such a sweet gesture!

  6. Woww so many amazing things! I'm jealous! :P



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