Saturday 29 October 2011

Orly in my city? Yay!!!

Hello everyone ^_^/

Just a few days ago, I was enjoying a nightly stroll around town and came across something totally unexpected. What was it you may ask and how does it relate to this post here?

Well, it was this!

An Orly Birds Of a Feather collection display! You can imagine my surprise, as I had no idea this brand was available in my city ^_^

So of course I had to go when the store was open and check out the selection!
I was not disappointed as they had the whole collection available, yay!

Having all these lovely colours, it was quite hard for me to decide on just a few but in the end I picked up 4 nail polishes.

From left to right, Liquid Vinyl, Night Owl, Lucky Duck and of course Fowl Play. They had other brands available but I decided to focus on Orly.
The owner was very nice and we chatted for a while about nails and stuff so my trip was double the fun.
I already have Fowl Play on my nails but that will be the subject for another post.

And for my Greek readers.
Αν μένετε στην Θεσσαλονίκη και σας ενδιαφέρει, το μαγαζί λέγεται Hair Play και βρίσκεται Β.Όλγας 166.


  1. Yay how fun, love Orly. Wish it was available here :)

  2. Lucky! Great that you found Orly in your city! Were they expensive?

  3. oh wow!
    lucky lady!
    i have yet to try orly.
    great shades love!

  4. Wow that's more than I see in US stores. Enjoy your new polishes.

  5. Lucky Kanelonious...
    Gorgeous colours and otan er8w panw etoimasou na me pas bolta <3

  6. @rock-or-not thank you!!! I was so excited with this discovery, I still cannot believe it XD

    @Christine it is a great brand! I am very pleased with all their polishes that I have tried so far.

    @Kayono the owner was very nice actually. She gave me a discount so I got them at a very good price ^_^

  7. @MSodaPop thank you! You should totally try them if you get the chance ^_^

    @Melody thank you! I was surprised to see they had the full collection. The brand is fairly unknown here though.

    @Ria <<<<3 ela na pame na ta sikosoume ola oeo

  8. yupiii ! teleiaaa tha to episkeftw! ti times exun?

  9. @FashionSugarBubbles i timi itan polu logiki, sugkrinontas kai poso tis pairno online. Fobomouna epipeda timon OPI sta Sephora alla kamia sxesi ^_^

  10. Το Lucky Duck δείχνει υπέροχο.. μάλλον θα το ψάξω! Με'γειαα!! =)

  11. A lucky duck you are indeed!!! Wish I could spot Orly here as well...!




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