Tuesday 30 August 2011

Forest green and purple nails with a bit of sparkle

Hello everyone (^-^)/

Today I want to show you the mani I had while in Germany. Since it was the first time I had some KIKO and P2 polishes, I wanted to try them out.

I used Kiko 347, a beautiful forest green and P2 Poetic, a pretty purple. For a bit of a twist I used Kiko 270 on a couple of nails.

Although it was a simple look, I got a lot of compliments.

My friend T-chan loved it so much that she wanted it on her nails too but in pink and red. So I used Essence Flamingo Rose and Divalicious Red instead.

What do you think? (^∇^)

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  1. I love both mani!!
    Really nice!

  2. so lovely :D didn't think that darkish green and purple would go so well!

    and of course <3 <3 for the Kiko 270!

    The essence mani looks more "cute&girly" :D

  3. It's beautiful! Kiko 270 gives the mani an even more glamorous look!

  4. Sometimes simple manicures are the best!! I love the purple and green together =) T-Chan's mani is so cute too! I really feel like Haribo lollies now x)

  5. Panta mas ekpliseis me ta teleia sxedia p kaneis! :D

  6. Both manis are fun but of course I like the one with purple better. :)

  7. Τα δίχρωμα νυχάκια έχουν γίνει σήμα-κατατεθέν σου νομίζω! Είναι τέλεια!! :D



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