Monday 18 July 2011

Purple stars manicure

Hello everyone ^_^/

today I have a starry manicure to show you. As you might or might not know, I love stars.
And purple.
And glitter.

So I wanted to do a manicure combining all of the above.

I decided to use some of the polishes from my recent swap with Stephanie, so I picked two of the Hema polishes, a purple and a silver glitter. I also used some silver star nail stickers that I got from Japan last year ^_^

After applying my base coat, I painted two coats of the purple Hema polish. As you can see it probably needed a third coat to get full coverage but as I had other plans for this mani, two were enough.

Afterwards I sponged glitter on the tips of my nails and applied the nail stickers. Sealed everything with the fabulous Better Than Gel Nails top coat from Essence and the look was finished. I highly recommend this top coat, if you want a cheaper alternative to Seche Vite. It's almost as good and I am loving it so far!

Please do not mind my silly middle finger, it keeps breaking lately and no matter what I do it just won't grow. But I won't let it bug me, no XD


  1. LOVE! The glitter on the tips is just so pretty :)

  2. Oh! Love that mani and that glitter as a final touch is awesome!
    I did a swap with Stéphanie too ;)! She's a sweetheart!

  3. Very pretty, I love the glitter!

  4. That purple Hema polish looks really good, I like it! --and I LOVE how you put glitter on the tips, overall cute mani Cel ^_^

  5. That's a very cute manicure!
    Do you still know the brand of the stickers? Those are very cute!
    It's actually nice to read that people from other countries also like that Essence top coat :)

  6. Girl, every time I see a mani of yours I envy your skills and dedication! Me, I'm too lazy too maintain a decent manicure, my nails are always chipped! Always :(


  7. Love it, love the stars and glitter

  8. Love it! Of course--you had me at purple & glitter--stars are nice bonus. :)

  9. ohhh pretty i really like the star with purple and glitter lol >u<

  10. I love stars and glitter too! It's like a summer's night on crack, love it!

  11. Πολύ όμορφο!! Όχι καλέ!!! ένα σπασμένο νύχι δεν θα μας χαλάσει την διάθεση!!

  12. it reminds me the night nails brake too....some vitamin is missing here!!

  13. Thank you so much for your kind comments, I am happy you liked this mani. It was actually quite simple to execute.

    @Kayono the stickers brand I am not sure but I got them from DonKi at Roppongi.



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