Thursday 28 July 2011

Color Club Ulterior Motive

Hello everyone ^_^

today I want to show you a spectacular nail polish! Ulterior Motive from the Alter Ego collection by Color Club.

It's a fuchsia nail polish with lots of teal and pink glitter in it.

As I feared it might be transparent I used two coats of Catrice Wrapped Around my Finger as a base.

Then I applied two coats of Ulterior Motive and a coat of Seche Vite to seal my manicure.
These two nail polishes are similar but Wrapped around my Finger has a more subdued effect while Ulterior Motive is full on sparkle on your nails!

At first I intended to do some nail stamping but this nail polish is too pretty to hide so I decided to leave it as is. I just couldn't stop staring at my nails while wearing this. I think it has become my favourite colour for this season. Especially under the sun when you can see the sparkly effect in all it's glory!

If you haven't tried this colour yet, I totally recommend it ^_^


  1. They look similar actually 0.0
    Love this color!!

  2. the colorclub is really nice. I prefer the pic without the catrice. It's so nice on it's own already.

  3. oh I like it, it looks really pretty!

  4. One of my favourite polishes :) It only takes 3 coats to full opacity so you don't need the base coat next time :) Looks awesome with a matte top coat too

  5. Ulterior Motive is a gorgeous polish and it's on my wl :)

  6. It is indeed a beautiful colour, with and without the base colour. Thanx for the tip!!!

  7. Beautiful color love how sparkly it is..



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