Sunday 27 March 2011

Butter London Victoriana

Hello everyone ^_^

Due to lack of time I'm sharing a mani I wore last week just before I head off to dinner with my darling!

So here is Butter London's Victoriana.

I fell in love with this colour when I saw it going around in various blogs, so I had to have it. After wearing it I am loving it even more. The colour was perfectly opaque in one coat but I added another one to make it more intense.

But you know me, no matter when I need some glitter in my life. So I decided to layer BYS Adventures of Alice from my latest swap with 'Chelle over a couple of nails on each hand.

Even though I used just one coat, it covered Victoriana completelly, but I don't mind, as glitter explosion is definitely my thing!

Here is the completed look ^_^

I really liked how the colours looked together and also with a top coat of Seche the staying power of this manicure was fabulous, as it lasted me a full week!

I'm off for my dinner date now, will catch up with replying to comments and reading my fav blogs when I'm back. Hope everyone is having a fabulous Sunday!


  1. i love it! τέλειο χρώμα κ λάμψη! =)

  2. Beautiful layering combo. The Butter London color makes me wonder if my franken that I'll be posting next week is the same color? or very similar?

  3. Oooh, That looks great *w*
    I must get this when I see it around.
    The glitter adds a nice touch c:

  4. Victoriana is such a beautiful colour! When it is layered with the glitters, it looks a tiny bit like CG Atlantis (or just my imagination?).

  5. Wow Victoriana looks just beautiful on you my dear! I can't believe I haven't seen this colour before, what rock have I been hiding under?! The added glitter looks fabulous and I can't believe it wore so well!

    I hope you and hubby had a wonderful dinner and weekend ^_^

  6. Oh my, that BYS is so wonderfully glittery! Great choice with Victoriana, too.

  7. Glitter explosion is spot on for this!!
    Great layering!!! ;) x



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