Sunday 20 February 2011

the Greek files #5

Hello everyone ^_^/

this is another installment of the Greek files, the fifth one and the first for 2011.

Today I have for you two nail polishes by Erre Due that were included in Vogue magazine a couple of months ago. They have no names or numbers, one is red and one is pink.

First up is the red

This is two coats without base or top coat. I have to admit I am not really a red nails person (unless we are talking holo) but this is a lovely red creme that I am sure many ladies will enjoy. The formula was perfect and very easy to work with and I got full coverage with just two coats.

And here is the pink

This is also two coats without base or top coat. Now although I really like this colour and the formula of this nail polish, unfortunatelly as you can see it is quite sheer with two coats. I think I would need a couple more to get full coverage. I am thinking though that this colour would be perfect as a layering base. I will definitely try it out!

Out of the two, I have to admit that my vote goes to the red. Generally I don't like sheer polishes, I want perfect coverage with two layers max! Apart from that though, both polishes were great and definitely a great deal if you think they were a freebie with a magazine!

This is what I have for you today, I hope you enjoyed these two fun colours ^_^


  1. Haha afto itan to mono tefxos Vogue pou exw parei! Poses einai oi pithanotites na exei dwro to monadiko verniki Erre Due pou eixa parei pio palia? :P
    however, the pink one really worked for me and it gives full colour after two coats maximum! I had made a post about it!
    I don't like the "orangge-red" one that much!

  2. It does look sheer, but very well formulated - which still makes it a bonus lacquer when it comes to my stash ;) Looks very lovely on you.

  3. holy cow that red jumped off the screen and slapped me in the face!! its so bright, love it!

  4. Yeah...Greek files! Really appreciate it that you introduce Greek brand polishes. Does the pink one resembles the sheer glossy finish of the OPI Texas collection?

  5. The formula of these polishes looks fantastic. And what amazing colours! Hmmmm how come you don't like reds? It looks great on you my dear! Very sexy ;)

  6. @ElenaKat lol kai gia mena itan to mono teuxos Vogue pou exo parei pote, mono kai mono epeidi eixe ta bernikia. Genika den eimai fan to periodikou XD Hmmm that's interesting. I wonder if they changed the formula? You should share your post link here if you want, so others can take a look too :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes thank you ^___^ I am going to try layering over it (with tons of glitter!!!)

  7. @Cathryn ^_^ glad you liked the colour. For people who like red colours it's very pretty indeed!

    @Kayleigh thank you dear, I am really glad you like this series of posts! Hmmmm that's a very interesting question. I need to get some of the new OPI ones and make a comparison. You just gave me a great post idea :D

    @'Chelle awwwww thank you dear. Yes, since I was a kid I never liked red cremes on my nails. That continues until today! I guess I'm weird like that XD



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