Tuesday 4 January 2011

Let's start the new year with a calendar!

Hello everyone ^_^/

ヽ(^^*)ノ☆..:*・゜☆HAPPY NEW YEAR☆゜・*:.☆ヽ(*^^)ノ

This is the first post for 2011 so what's better than to start with a new feature?

One of the nail mags I have a subscription to, Nail Up!, has a lovely calendar with manicure ideas and tutorials for every month. So I have scanned it and will post at the beginning of each month the respective pages with translations.

First up is January

Lucky colour for each day
1 Black
2 Sparkly red 3 Pearl pink 4 Wine red 5 Blue 6 Gold 7 Aquamarine 8 Sparkly pink
9 Beige 10 Sparkly silver 11 Milky pink 12 Pinkish white 13 Pearl white 14 Pearl blue 15 Purple
16 Orange 17 Red 18 White grey 19 Milk tea beige 20 Reddish yellow 21 Aqua 22 Jet black
23 Brown 24 Black 25 Purple 26 Monotone 27 Off white 28 Pearl pink 29 Orange
30 Baby pink
31 Pastel yellow

And here is the nail art tutorial for January

Step 1 Paint half the nail red and apply a gold nail art strip.
Step 2 using black acrylic (or a black nail art pen) draw the squares on the clear part.
Step 3 making sure you maintain balance on the nail, apply the rhinestones.

So what do you think? Do you like the designs on this calendar? Which one is your favourite?
I see a lot of designs that I would like to try ^_^


  1. Love this! I want the calendar! :) x

  2. Love it and one of this including tutorials is soo handy!!!
    great post hun!!

  3. Love this calendar! I'd die to get my hands on it haha.

  4. this is very nice!!
    love the calendar!!

  5. What a great post and very cool calendar. Happy New Year!

  6. Love it! I'd like to get one of these calendars for sure.

  7. Fun! I wonder if anyone's ever tried matching the designs each day. :)

  8. Love this calendar! i want it!!!! :D
    do you know where i can find it?


  9. I love #1 and #5 on the calendar!
    Amazing idea Celoula :p

  10. Awesome calendar! There are some nice designs on it! Maybe I'm going to try on of these, I really like number 6 with the butterflies!

  11. Aww super cute calendar, thanks for sharing, I can't wait for next month ^_^.
    Happy 2011!

  12. I am glad you liked the calendar. As I mentioned on my post it is included in the current issue of the Nail Up magazine so if you have access to a Japanese book-store in your area you can definitely look it up :)

  13. Love 1 and 12!!!
    Please post all of the months, I 'm gonna keep these for future reference (since I'm slowly becoming a big nail art fan)!!!




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