Friday 5 November 2010

Crackle holo manicure of awesomeness and giveaway news

Hello everyone ^_^/

With November here, we are officially less than two months away from Christmas, my favourite time of the year for many many reasons. And today I am super happy and excited as I won Beata's birthday giveaway, over at Tigirlily Konadicures. Thank you so much Beata ヽ(^◇^*)/ ワーイ and everyone, make sure to pop by and check her fabulous blog.

On more giveaway news I have noticed that I passed 400 followers so I am going to prepare a XMasy 400 follower giveaway to celebrate. I am currently deciding on what to include so if you have any suggestions feel free to comment and let me know.

And now let me present to you my mani of the week which started as an experiment and is still going chip free after 6 whole day. Can you tell I am super pleased? v(≧∀≦)v
It is the super sparkly and fabulous crackle holographic mani of awesomeness.

After applying a coat of NfuOh aqua base coat I used China Glaze OMG and BFF from the OMG holographic series. Already my nails were looking fabulous.

But I wanted to try my newly acquired Isadora crackle polishes so I applied a coat of Isadora Graffiti nail top in black tag and a coat of Seche top coat and voila!

Can you see all the pretty colours?
I am very pleased with this manicure. I keep getting compliments and I can't stop looking at it. Also the fact that it lasted so long is definitely an added bonus. 
In the end the experiment was successful. Holos look fabulous with crackle polishes too.


  1. Oh wow!
    I was thinking of doing a mani like this, but with my skills the crackle would not crackle and the magic holo would be hidden...
    Love love love your nails!

  2. You should totally try it. It's much easier than it looks (imagine, I did this with a battered hand XD) Filakiaaaaa xxx

  3. Wow, I love this! I bet it looks even more amazing in person, with all the holo-ness peeking out from the black. Awesome idea girl!
    And congrats on 400 followers!

  4. I had a thought that crackle polish would look awesome over holo's. Thanks for sharing! :) was ju

  5. it looks awesome! i love it!

  6. If i had any holo nail polishes i would definitely try this. I havnt seen anyone do a holo under crackle before :D

  7. this soo makes me want crackle polish all the more. I keep seeing all these amazing crackle mani's and I wants wants wants.

  8. pretty!!

    i'm having a giveaway, if you have time drop by

  9. Congrats on the giveway win and being so creative with crackle polishes! I've used the BYS crackles and with China Glaze Fast Forward it chips in a day! Maybe I should try Seche for crackle ~

  10. Thank you ladies :D

    Freshie I had the same problem with BYS even with Seche. But the Isadora one proved more durable. I will try to secure a bottle for my upcoming giveaway.

  11. OMGAH, yes this is seriously AMAZING! First time I've seen someone use a crackle top coat on holo nail polish.

    Love love love.

    xo Nicole

  12. hi! your blog is really cute! I'll follow you *w* and your nail polish cute too I love crackle holographic

  13. I need to try that manicure! It looks amazing!

  14. Love it! I might have a hard time covering up all that holo goodness with the crackle polish but maybe I can force myself to try. :)

  15. ^_^ thank you so much ladies for your kind comments. I never expected this manicure would turn out so pretty. I finally removed it yesterday after having it on for 9 days and apart from a bit of chipping on my right thumb it was still in perfect condition. I am impressed.

    KarenD you should totally try it, it is worth it :D

  16. I love the isadora crackles, so pretty!

  17. the holographics with the shattered top is sooo awesome! i need to do that look, i have the silvery holo...need that pink, it's gorgeous!



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