Thursday 28 October 2010

the Greek files #2

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I have the second instalment of the Greek files and I will present to you some nail polishes from a very well known Greek brand, Korres.

Their nail polish colour collection is very basic but it is readily available in many pharmacies around Greece so I picked a few colours to present to you.

I tried to cover a variety of colours so I have a red, a purple and three pinks.
All the colours are cremes and for the swatches I used two coats of each.

For the polish names just click on the photos to make them larger. The formula is very easy to use and I like the finish. I hope they will enrich their collection with more colours and finishes.

Do you have Korres where you live? What is your opinion of this brand?


  1. This is the first time I've heard about the Korres brand. Sadly, a lot of international brands of nail polish are hard to find here in the Philippines. I have to resort to online shops just to purchase some. :)

    I'm loving the deep red and purple!

  2. We have the same problem here. Many of the well known brands are either impossible to find or just too expensive to even think about getting a bottle.

  3. No Korres here that I've seen. They look very shiny; did you use top coat on the nail wheel swatches?

  4. I don't have Korres over here, although I'm livin' in Europe as well.
    It does look very cool though, the colorsd are nice and opaque.
    It'd be awesome if there were more range of colors, glitters, jellies etc.
    Thanks for the swatches :D

  5. Lindas cores!!!^-^

  6. @KarenD somehow I was under the impression that the brand is quite easy to find overseas. No, I didn't use any topcoat, the polishes are super shiny on their own.

    @AnnKiins'♥ I hope they will expand the collection, the polishes were very easy to work with so it would be great if the collection grew bigger.

    @Adriele thank you :)

  7. we don't have Korres here where i live. we dont get much nice nail polish here except the ones from korea but at least its still something. :) I love the watermelon polish. thanks for the swatches. :))

  8. Glad you liked them ^_^
    I wish we had Korean polishes here too. The ones I've seen are amazing!

  9. I didn't know Korres made nail polishes until I saw them in your post!



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