Tuesday 26 October 2010

Deco class in Tokyo

Hello everyone ^_^/

today is a national holiday here so I spent my day swatching for future blog posts. Instead of that though today I will share something from my trip in Tokyo. My deco class with the lovely Kotone-san from 310carat in Ueno.

As I spent quite some time in Tokyo this summer, I thought it would be a good idea to get together with an experienced deco professional and learn some tips and tricks that I didn't know so I can improve my deco skills.

So with the help of my friend Kaoru we arranged a deco class. As I am not a begginer I was mostly interested in seeing how a professional works and learn some secrets of the trade so to say.

The whole experience was great fun and I got great tips on what products to use (i.e. what is the best glue) and how to lay out supplies while working ^_^

Here are a few photos of what took place.

 If you want to deco a whole phone case, you will need a lot of supplies.

 Kotone-san showing me her awesome decoden skills.

 Working on deco seals.

 Kotone-san had minx done on her nails so I had to take a pic to share with fellow nail enthusiasts.

 Our finished products.

Deco seal on a cellphone.

If you like deco and you would like to bling up your phones or just get your hands on some cute deco accessories, take a look at my etsy and zibbet stores. I also accept custom requests ^_^


  1. this is pretty! checking out ur etsy now. :D

  2. Awwh, thats adorable!
    I can't deco for my life! It does take a while, you too are really good deco'ers.
    Love your Etsy, the stuff are really cute ^^

  3. amazing! This gave a big "thumb up" to the phone!

  4. Ax paizeis me ton pono twn a8hnaiwn twra me to national holiday :p
    I Konaded my phone the other day :p
    I love her minxed nails and all the work you have on your etsy.
    Perimenw mis8o gia agores...oufff!

  5. The deco seal looks lovely! So bling and cute =D

  6. @xnosugaraddedx thank you :)

    @AnnKiins'♥ thank you ^_^ I guess deco is like everything else, the more you practise the better you become.

    @Alice thank you :D yes, I think so too.

  7. @Ria toulaxiston upirxe kai i 28i sta konta hehehe. Uwa, thank you! I have never thought of Konading a phone, how did it turn out? You should post some pics ^_^

    @Katrina thankies :D

    @'Chelle Thank you dear. Hehehe yay for bling!



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