Sunday 5 September 2010

Sparkly purple manicure - Tins & Jill Stuart polishes

Hello everyone ^_^/

I am slowly unpacking my suitcase and getting settled back home but as I have uploaded my vacation pics on the pc I have a few vacation manis to share.

The first one is my favourite as it looked fabulous and it lasted me for a whole week (I took this off just yesterday after it was ruined by dragging my suitcase around).

For this manicure I used Estessimo Tins #023, The Neptune and Jill Stuart 17, Purple Rain. Also added some purple heart spangles and sealed it with a layer of gel look top coat that I got in Japan.


  1. You're totally right, it does look fabulous! But did you also have trouble with removing those glitter polishes of Estessimo Tins? I did >.<" However, that won't stop me from swatching those pretty nail polishes ^^

  2. welcome back :) theese look amazing :)the purple glitter is so cuute!

  3. @Kayleigh I actually use Sally Hansen's Kwik Off so the glitter was removed without any trouble. Orelse I wouldn't even want to think about it.

    @Just Cake girl thank you :) Tins is actually one of my favourite brands for glitters, it's a pity this brand is so hard to get.

  4. It's so nice to have you back! =) Wow the Tins glitter looks so dense and glittery. And it lasted for a week?? That's awesome! The mani is gorgeous btw and the Jill Stuart is just screaming out "buy me".. I'm a total sucker for pretty bottles and these have to be one of the prettiest.

    I can't wait for your other Japanese polish manicures!

  5. ^___^ awwww thank you my lovely. Tins is an amazing brand. I have this as a pedi too and it is still going strong almost two weeks later.
    I have to agree with you about the Jill Stuart bottles. They are amazing <3

  6. love tins !!! where do you buy it ?

  7. I got these while travelling in Japan. I am gonna look for online shops to get them, if I find anything I will definitely make a post as they are totally worth it.



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