Friday 6 August 2010

Strawberry Choco Nails and an award

Good morning everyone ^_^/

It is a hot day here in Greece so I am going to share a summery manicure with you all today :D Remember the Etude House polish that I shared in my previous post? It was actually the base for this cute manicure. I have seen many sweets inspired manicures in Japanese nail magazines lately so I decided to do one too.

For the chocolate I used Essie Chocolate Kisses and I spiced things up a bit with heart shaped spangles.

I have also been given an award by the lovely Alice of Nails by Alice. Thank you so very very much, I am so happy that you like my blog ♥


I always enjoy reading all the blogs on my blog roll but since I have to choose 15, here are my top favourites in no particular order

Cosmetic Cupcake
Fab Ur Nails
Babblig Brooke
Enamel Girl
Art of Nail
Also Known As
Frazzle and Aniploish
Oh My Polish
Deez Nailz
The Lacquer Files
Nails by Asami
Juicy Nails

Oh, and if you haven't already done so, don't forget to enter my nail addicts giveaway. Just a few more days left :)


  1. Very cute nail art! I wanna try this next time! thanks for the nail art inspiration! :)

  2. pretty design!
    would you like to add my blog on your blogroll?
    i added yours

  3. So cute!! You make me want to eat strawberry icecream and chocolate topping. Essie Chocolate kisses reminds me so much of Cottees (Aussie brand) chocolate topping, it's the exact same colour! =p

    You are too sweet, thank you for the award!

  4. 1st.I looove this mani
    2nd.I've been following for a while...and I've just realised you're from Greece!Geia xara :D
    3rd.It IS a really hot day indeed!!

  5. @Mia you're welcome, I'm glad you liked it. It was actually quite easy to do and I never expected it would turn out that cute.

    @MaRyya thank you :) I added your blog, it looks fun.

    @'Chelle seriously I had the same reaction. I would stare at this mani for hours and then go and buy ice cream. Not good for my figure at all XD You totally deserve the award, your blog is one of my most favourite reads <3

    @Katrina thank you :D

    @Ria uwaaa patriotaki, geia xara :D Thanks for the sweet comment. Omg I know, is it wrong that I am hating the summer right now? Exo liosei!

    @Clau thank you ^_^

  6. Aaaaaaax egw na deis...I kinda hate the summer too at the moment...and they say that it's going to go around 40 next week...ouf ouf zesth!

  7. Ooo, that's really cute :)
    Visit my nail blog if you want - :)



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