Tuesday 10 August 2010

My cracked mani, let me show you it

Good morning everyone ^_^/

I hope you're all having a lovely day.
I am getting ready to get out in the heat (eeeeek) but before I want to share this lovely manicure with you all.

Ever since I saw the BYS cracked polishes, I wanted one so badly. Thanks to my dear 'Chelle I now have a black one in my hands.
So of course I had to try it :D

I used Snazzle, which is a silver foil as a base. As soon as my base polish dried I applied a coat of BYS black cracked polish and waited. I was so excited as I watched the effect appear on my nails. After this coat was dry too, I applied a coat of Seche Vite (which didn't seem to work well with this polish though as the cracked parts started falling off the next day). I will try with another top coat next time.

I really loved this manicure and I am definitely gonna try it with all sorts of differect polishes as based. It looks amazing and I got a lot of compliments :D

Only a few hours left until my giveaway is closed, I am so excited ^_^


  1. Interesting nail polish! :) I hope I get to try that too. This is the first time I've heard of cracked polish.. :)

  2. Wow it looks so good over Snazzle! You know it didn't even occur to me to try it over silver. It looks fab on you =D

    I'm so glad you like the crack polish! It comes in purple and red too, for next time ;)

  3. I didn't know a cracked polish existed :) Very nice effect :)

  4. Hi! I have cracked nail polish too. But the brand is Elena. Mine is in blue green.

  5. I remember when I dug the cracked polishes about12 years ago, I've always liked them and am excited to see there's a brand around still doing it! I like the black over silver.

  6. that cracked polish is so awesome!!!

    oh, just so you know, i tagged you in my recent post :)

  7. I love the cracked polish. I also received them in a swap with 'Chelle and can't wait to try them. Hoping this weekend!

  8. It's an interesting effect! :) :) I hope to find theme here in Italy :)

  9. Geiaaaaa!!!
    It looks really really good!!!Is it the one you got from the swap?I'd so try it with hot pink as a base coat!

  10. @Mia it's a really cool polish, I saw it going around on nail blogs and I was super excited ^_^

    @'Chelle I have such an obsession with silver that I want to try everything with it hehehe. It worked great :D Uwa there's purple and red too? *bounces*

    @Alexa1202 I discovered it fairly recently too ^_^

    @Simply Effortless ooooh blue green! It must look very pretty too :D

  11. @Freshie wow I had no idea the concept is so old. I've never seen any when I was younger, I guess they never made it to my country.

    @Katrina yay, thank you, I will check it out right now :)

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes Can't wait to see your combinations too. I find it so exciting, waiting for the polish to crack.

  12. @Alice thank you ^_^ I hope there will be some cracked polish brands in Europe too.

    @Ria Geiaaaaaaaaa ^_^/ Yes, it's from my swap with 'Chelle. Uwah you are right, hot pink would look great with it too. I will have to try it out :D

  13. Great mani!




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