Sunday 13 June 2010

iPhone deco

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I want to share one of my projects from last week, iPhone deco.

I did this for my friend, T-chan. As she has a preference for pink, roses and hello kitty, we chose some main pieces first and then decided on a colour scheme. Took me quite some time to finish but she liked the result in the end, yay!

Here she is with the case on her phone.

This was really fun to do, now I want an iPhone too XD

I am planning to post soon some easy to follow deco tutorials for fellow deco lovers so stay tuned *^__^*


  1. omg, i love this! absolutely beautiful!!

  2. Thank you. I really enjoyed working on it :)

  3. This looks AWESOME!!! You can't go wrong with Hello Kitty and pink! I'm going to get an iphone soon and I've been looking for a case like this but the one's in the shops are crap.

    Will you be selling any of these from your etsy store?

  4. @ 'chelle
    Yes, I will have some in my shop soon :)

    @ ABOP
    Thank you ^_^

  5. Great! I'll have to keep checking back then =)



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