Saturday 17 September 2011

New Glitter Gal holographic colours

Hello everyone ^_^/

I have been absent from the blog for a while as I went on a much needed vacation.

But I haven't been neglecting my nails. Quite the contrary!
Since I went to the sea, I decided to try out the new Glitter Gal holographic colours that my dear 'Chelle sent me. The weather was really good and sunny so it was perfect for trying them out and snapping some photos.

So without further ado I present to you Glitter Gal's Light As a Feather and Lizard Belly (as seen from left to right on the above photo).

I am always impressed by Glitter Gal's fantastic nail polishes as they are always top quality and these two didn't disappoint me at all. I applied 3 layers and a coat of Seche Vite on top.

I couldn't stop staring at my nails. Under direct sunlight they sparkled and I could see the holo effect in all it's greatness.

Here is a bonus shot under artificial light, holding my favourite Kuromi water bottle which is holographic too ^_^

What do you think of these, dear readers? Have you tried this brand before?
If you are a holo freak like me, I suggest you give Glitter Gal a go. You won't be disappointed. 


  1. Love that water bottle :) The grayish polish is great too!

  2. Love the mani! I haven't tried glitter gal. I am recently just hearing about it so I have no idea whet to find then in New England, USA

  3. I like the last picture! It show the real black holo

  4. I absolutely love holographic polishes, they're so pretty!

  5. Lizard Belly is such an amazing holo! Love it combined with the light one :)

  6. ah the awesome holo from your instagram :D I so love it. I barely have holos, I need to get more lol. They look always so stunning. Especially your glitte gal right now :D

  7. Τέλειες αποχρώσεις!!!
    Καλή εβδομαδα!

  8. I just got a couple of Glitter Gals but haven't tried them yet (it was raining and I didn't want to waste them).

  9. These looks so pretty, I haven't tried any glitter gal polishes yet but I really want too soon.



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