Saturday 9 July 2011

Let's deco, decoden tutorial #2

Hello everyone ^_^/

this is a post I have been preparing for some time now. I will show you a basic deco tutorial.
Recently I got a new camera and of course I had to bling it up. I took detailed photos of the process to show you here.

First let's see what you will need.

Crystals. In this case I used Swarovski crystals but if you want to opt for something cheaper there are many choices like the rhinestones that we use for nail art.
Deco glue. Most crafting glues will do for this.
Deco parts. I used a diamante skull and a diamante butterfly.
Clear laquer. (optional)
Some toothpicks.
And most importantly an item to decorate, a deco base so to speak XD

Now before you start I advise you to think carefully and decide on the design you want to make. Then place the parts roughly on the item to see how the final piece will look like. For my camera I decided to do a pink gradation design with a skull and a butterfly as accent pieces.

Before anything else clear the area with some acetone.
Then apply the clear laquer according to the instructions. (this is really an optional step only if you might want to change the deco later. I do not recommend it if you want to decorate say a phone case or a mirror etc.)

First place your accent pieces (in this case the skull and butterfly).

After that you start placing the crystals. Place glue in a small area and cover it. That keeps the glue from drying and destroying your design. If at some point you place extra glue you can use a toothpick to clean it. What I find easier is to start from the edges and move inwards.

Move in a steady pace and cover all the spots using various crystal sizes.

And here you go, the finished product!

When you are done you can attach a few matching phone straps to make your item even cuter!

Many of you asked where you can get deco supplies. They are very easy to find.
I get some of them locally at craft stores or even 1 euro stores but you can also find them on ebay.
There are many different shops there if you do a search and you can find all sorts of cute items to use.
Your imagination is the only limit :)

Also a word of advice. Decoden is an expensive and high maintenance hobby. It looks very cute but there is always the chance that some of the crystals or parts will fall off, no matter how strong a glue you use. So you must handle your deco items with care and know that most probably they won't last forever.

And here I will close this tutorial. If there is anything I missed or you have any questions leave a comment or shoot me an email. It might take me a while to reply as I am quite busy these days but I definitely will.


  1. I'm soooo gonna do this on my mobile!Or in my new camera.When I buy it.Because I just broke my old one :p
    Thanks kanelonious <3

  2. Very cute! I never want to do these because of the things falling off. I'm not careful enough to be able to have such pretty things

  3. I wanted to do something like this... like forever. But I never did :/ But looking at your tutorial, I kind of feel like starting right now :D

  4. Your tutorial is so clear and well explained, thanks a lot! The final product looks gorgeous and above all: unique!

  5. So cute! I've seen so many girls with such pretty blinged up gadgets! Love it! But don't think I have the patience hehe

  6. This looks amazing! You've inspired me to do something like this on my phone!

  7. OMG this is so cool!!!I love it I don't have the patience to do it but this is so lovely!!

  8. Φανταστικό!!! Το είχα κάνει και εγώ σε ένα κινητό μου για κρύψω κάτι σημάδια από ένα ατύχημα!! :)

  9. oOoOoO..looks awesome
    check out my blog

  10. ohh ti teleio bling-bling einai auto! :D
    tha ftiaxeis k tn diki m fotografiki? xaxa :P

  11. Very very nice!!!

    Also, wanted to tell you that I've tagged you with the Butterfly Award! You'll find details on my blog ;)


  12. This is just gorgeous! wow!

  13. Thank you everyone, I am really happy you enjoyed this tutorial. It looks daunting but it is a lot of fun. I hope at least some of you will give this a go ^_^



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