Saturday, 30 April 2011

My Austrian beauty haul

Hello everyone ^_^/

are you enjoying the weekend?
We are having fabulous weather today and even though I was working almost all day today I am determined to enjoy the rest of my weekend to the max!

In this post I will share my Austrian beauty haul as I like to call it. I managed to get my hands on brands we do not have here like Catrice and S-he and fulfill quite a few lemmings in the process.

I am warning you, this is going to be one looooooong post!
Here is a break down of the items.

I will start with L'Occitane, which is one of my favourite brands as of late. I am always very pleased with their products and I want to slowly try the whole range. I got a hand cream pack, a lavender body lotion and soap and my favourite face cream with apple and almond extracts (works wonders on my face). It was a pleasant surprise when I was given a Pivoine Flora shower cream and Paeonia beauty milk as a present. I haven't tried them yet but hey both smell fantastic!

I of course had to pop by a Claire's, as it is always one of my favourite places to shop and we don't have one in my city yet! I got a Hello Kitty nail art set, consisting of two nail polishes, some nail stickers and a glitter, 4 nail polishes (3 glitters and a duochrome) and a glitter eye palette. I am an absolute glitter addict and not afraid to say it hehehe!

Next up is Essence. We do have this brand here too but unfortunately we seldom get any of the nail art goods or special collections so I had to stock up. On the above picture, from left to right, I have gathered some special effect toppers (Mystic Mermaid, Hello Holo, It's Purplicious, Circus Confetti), 3 glitters from the Nail Art Twins series (Blair, Edward, Troy) and a Top Coat that claims it's better than gel nails.

The rest of the nail polishes, from left to right, are I Like, Bloom-A-Loom, Forget me Not from the blossom series, three stampy polishes in black, silver and white, the much coveted duochromes Where's the Party? and Out of My Mind, three magnetic polishes (Mystic Wish!, Miracle Shine!, Hex Hex!) and Roy's Red from the Whoom! Boooom!! collection.

Some more nail art goods including the new stamping plates, plus an eyeshadow duo and a lipgloss.

American Apparel nail polishes in Berry, Dynasty and Hassid, a Manhattan glitter top coat and a burgundy S-he nail polish with copper glitter in it.

And last but not least my new shiny Catrice babies. From left to right they are Forget Me Not!, Dirty Berry!, Purplelized, I Wear my Sunglasses at Night, Mermaiden and Wrapped Around My Finger. I've been wanting these for so long, I almost squealed when I saw them ^___^

What do you think of this haul? My darling was making fun at me for picking up so many polishes but I am very happy none the less ^_^
Now my problem is, which one should I try next?

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

I'm back and this is my Easter manicure!

Hello everyone ^_^/

How was your Easter weekend?
I am back from my vacation in beautiful Vienna where I had a fantastic time.
I am not exaggerating when I say it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

But first things first, let me share with you my Easter manicure.
Now it had no obvious Easter elements like bunnies or eggs but I still somehow feel it fit the Easter theme.

 It was so shiny that my camera had trouble capturing it at first.

Here is what I used.

Catherine Arley holographic polish #666
Deborah Lippmann Bad Romance
BarryM Instant Nail Effects in Black Magic
Art Deco nail striper in black with silver glitter
NfuOh Aqua Base
Seche Vite top coat

The mani managed to make it through travelling and carrying suitcases around just fine which is always a plus.

Also as my friend Ria kept pestering me I decided to join bloglovin'.
So Follow my blog with bloglovin if you want ^_^

And I will close this post with a couple of photos from Schönbrunn Palace 
In the first one you can see Vienna in the back with St.Stephen's Cathedral and the second one is a panoramic shot of the Palace and the gardens. Each photo is clickable if you want a bigger view.

Do you like these photos of the palace? I always take a lot of photos when I travel and I have a huge collection. Would you be interested in seeing some of them in this blog from time to time?
Let me know ^_^

Friday, 22 April 2011

Orly Velvet Rope manicure and ring

Hello everyone ^_^/

while you are reading this, I will be strolling around beautiful Vienna with my darling.
But I queued up a couple of posts so my blog won't be left behind while I travel.

For this post I have chosen to show you a manicure I did a while ago, that goes well with the day I think.
For the base I used two coats of Orly Velvet Rope, one of my favourite purple nail polishes.
Then on the ring finger I put silver spangles and on the index fingers I stamped some flowers using China Glaze Millenuim. Sealed everything with a coat of Seche and the my nails were ready!

I loved how the combination turned out, so I decided to make a matching ring as well.
For those who are interested, I will post a tutorial on how I made this at a later time.
It was very easy and fun ^_^

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Born Pretty Store

Hello everyone ^_^/

Easter is approaching and I have so many lovely nail polishes and manicure ideas but the weather is so gloomy and keeps ruining my photography plans.
So instead of a manicure, today I want to present to you the Born Pretty store, a perfect place to get a great variety of nail art goods at very reasonable prices. A while ago I received a very kind offer from them and as I love playing around with my nails, I couldn't refuse. A few days ago I received a package for reviewing purposes and as soon as I opened it, I found some fabulous nail art goods inside.

Here is what was included:

* A variety of cute nail decals
Rhinestone wheel
Black crackle nail polish
Nail art dotting tool set
Hello Kitty nail stamping set

All the items came carefully packaged and I was very excited to test them out.

First of all I had to test the crackle polish.

I layered it over a purple nail polish and I have to say I am impressed by the way it crackles. The final effect reminds me of stained glass.

And here is how Hello Kitty nail stamp comes out, accentuated with pink rhinestones.

What do you think about these nail art goods? Would you use any of these?
Do you think they are convenient or too much of a fuss?

If you would like to try out some of these yourself, Born Pretty has kindly offered the readers of my blog a 10% off with the code CEL10K31 until the end of June.

Monday, 18 April 2011

Springtime Giveaway winners

Hello everyone ^_^/

how was your weekend?
I hope you had fun!
I spent mine counting and validating all the entries for my Springtime giveaway.

Thank you so much to everyone who entered!
Don't worry if you didn't win, I have many more surprises coming your way, so keep an eye around here.

And now on to our winners.

the winner of prize #1 is Lumi
☆ the winner of prize #2 is Laynie.


I have e-mailed both winners and am awaiting their replies.
If I do not get a reply within 48 hours, I will choose another winner.

Friday, 15 April 2011

NfuOh #64 does it get more holo than this?

Hello everyone ^_^/

how are you all enjoying your Friday?
Today I have a fantastic holo to share.
It's the infamous NfuOh 64 and it is one of the most spectacular holographic polishes I have ever seen.

Two coats over NfuOh Aqua Base (which does wonders for the application of holographic nail polishes).

You know that generally I love holographic nail polishes and this is definitely one of my favourites.
It looks fantastic under any lighting and changes so many colours that my nails look like rainbows while wearing it.

It has been an absolute hit as a ring too ^_^

Also let me remind you of my giveaway, that is ending in a few hours. So now is your last chance to enter!

Monday, 11 April 2011

the Greek files #6

Hello everyone ^_^/

Spring is always a bright time of new beginnings and of course all beauty companies release new nail colours.
Korres is of course no exception, as they have released a whole new range of bright nail polishes.

As I passed by a Korres flagship store the other day I decided to pick up a couple of the new beauties to show you. There were two colours that caught my eye at once, Blue Sky and Vert Amande.

The two colours work really well together so I decided on a combined manicure with both of them.
I used a base coat and then two coats of each on different nails. Unfortunately the formula wasn't very easy to work with as it was very runny and the first coat looked absolutely horrible. With careful application and a second coat though everything looked perfect. I didn't add any top coat as the nail polishes are quite shiny on their own.

Have you tried the new Korres nail polishes yet? What do you think of them?

Saturday, 9 April 2011

My Greek pride manicure

Hello everyone ^_^/

how are you doing this lovely Saturday evening?
Today I have a very special manicure to share with you all.
On March 25 was the Greek Independence day and even though two of my nails have recently broken,
I wanted to make a manicure for the occasion.

I decided to make something in blue and white as these are the colours of our flag.

Here is what I used to achieve the look.

After base coat I applied two coats of Orly Out of this World.
Then I sponged GOSH Vanilla Ice on it.
Finally I added the rose 3D stickers and some spangles and sealed everything in with Seche Vite top coat.

As for staying power I had this on for 8 days and it was chip free. I finally changed it as I wanted to try another look. I think it is one of my favourite manicures so far!

Also don't forget to enter my Springtime Giveaway if you haven't already. 

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Etsy Greek Street team blog, items of the week

Hello everyone ^_^

how is your week going?
I am very happy today as one of my items is featured in the items of the week over at the Etsy Greek Street Team blog.

The theme is fairy dust and the item is my Holographic Rainbow round adjustable ring.

I am really honoured as it was picked amongst the many creations of all the talented Greek artists.
Please take a look at the blog if you want, it has many interesting posts ^_^

Also on the above photo you can see a preview of my Greek pride manicure which I will show you in my next post ^_^

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Calendar post for April

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I have the nail calendar for April.

And the nail tutorial of the month which is a design that I adore and always wanted to try.
I guess April is the perfect month for it. It's none other than a pastel flower manicure.

1. Paint your nails in a yellow colour as a base.
2. Using red, pink, light blue and white acrylic paints draw the flowers.
3. Using green acrylic colour draw the leaves.
And you're done ^_^

What do you think of this month's calendar?
Apart from the tutorial look my favourite is the design from the 23rd.
I need to try these two manis for sure.

Hope you're all enjoying your weekend ^_^


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