Wednesday 19 January 2011

Accidental holo or an Etude House mani

Hello everyone ^_^/

how are you all doing? It's late at night here but I am sneaking a quick post before going to bed to share my accidental holo mani, as I like to call it.

A couple of days ago while going through my stash trying to decide which nail polish to use next I spotted a batch of untried Etude House polishes. Being in the mood for something purple I picked PP007 and BR003 to use as an accent colour.

As I started painting my nails I realised that PP007 is actually a fabulous purple holo! The effect is not as intense as say the China Glaze OMG collection but it looks fabulous none the less. The formula was great for both colours and with two coats I had perfect coverage. A coat of Seche didn't diminish the holo effect but made my nails look even shinier. BR003 is a sparkly silvery gold, if that makes any sense. I am very pleased with both colours and absolutely loving this manicure ^_^

If you get a chance to get your hands on these polishes, go for it. They are amazing! I got mine through ebay, just search for Etude House nail polish or Korean nail polish.

I have tags and awards and many more things to post and comments to leave, but all that will have to wait until the weekend when I have more time. Until then I hope you enjoyed this lovely mani! Have a lovely day/night all of you <3


  1. I LOVE that holo(check out my milani review I think youll like it!)

  2. both are gorgeous!!
    I love holo polishes very well...
    and I also love seche!!

  3. Teleio to mwb k to ashmi..!

  4. i love the glitters! they are sooo pretty!

    will definitely get them when i visit etude next time <3

  5. What a nice discovery! It looks great!

  6. Oohhh what a beauty! I love holo's!

  7. I agree with you about Etude house. I tried one a few days ago & now i love this brand .... It's very a pity that it was so difficult for us to obtain them !! this mani is great XD

  8. I really like the purple!
    K well you've probably been tagged for the "Stylish Blogger" award then, but honestly I'm too lazy to find a replacement, so... CONGRATULATIONS! You've been tagged for an award at

  9. Thank you my lovelies for your kindness, Etude House truly makes some very pretty polishes and I have a couple for my next giveaway that is coming soon ^_^
    and thank you 21stCenturyHippy for the award, it makes me so happy <<<<3

  10. How pretty, especially the purple one! :) x

  11. They're really pretty!
    Generally Etude House is a little overlooked by the...western bloggers, however I believe that it's a nice brand to try!


  12. I agree, Korean brands are not that well known and it's a shame really because some of them have great products!



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