Sunday 21 November 2010

the Greek files #3

Hello everyone ^_^/

this has been a slow blogging week for me but really fast in everything else.
But today I am back with yet another instalment of the Greek files.
Today I will present a couple of nail polishes from another Greek brand, Seventeen.

I have a shimmer and a creme from the new colours they have added to their collection.

First I have Seventeen 504, a sparkly brown.

And then Seventeen 267, a lovely purple creme.

All swatches are two coats without base or top coat in daylight.
Although I am not too fond of the bottle design this is the only flaw I find in this brand.
They have a fabulous colour selection and the polish is very easy to work with.
I will definitely be swatching more Seventeen colours ^___^


  1. Ι love both colors!
    Thanks for following my blog!
    Φιλια πολλα,

  2. Very pretty colors the bottle design make me think of Ciate's polish bottles.

  3. Oh I love both colors :) You know, many people hate Seventeen nail polishes, I actually like them! :)


  4. :) Ohhhh greek nail polish. :) What pretty colors.

  5. They're great, long lasting and affordable.Also, really good for frankening.And Konading.
    8a paw aurio na parw to mwb, to blepw pws 8a paei to 8emaaa...

  6. Both colors are great but you know I like the purple best. :) The bottles do look a little unusual but I like that ribbed cap--seems like it'd be easy to grip.

  7. They look great, I love the purple! Haha, I'm half greek! I go to Greece every summer! I picked up some Erre Due's last holiday. I can't speak greek very well, just the basics :) I don't know how to write greek with an ordinary keyboard either...

  8. They look great! I think I'm going to Greece next summer, so I'll definitely have to look for nail polish.

  9. @Artemi geia ^_^/ to blog sou mou arese para polu, ta looks pou exeis einai epika apla!

    @rmcandlelight you are right, I never thought of that. If only they added some cute bows too.

    @Lacquer Ware for Tips and Toes thank you :)

    @Stavroula I only hate the bottles. But their colour selection and quality is really good!

  10. @Rachel Marie thank you, I am glad you liked them :D

    @Ria you are right, I was impressed also at all the new colours. They really expanded the colour selection. Hehehe den ftaio ego an agoraseis olo to magazi XD

    @KarenD I like the purple best too. To be honest I thought the brown was deep red when I bought it. The cap is very easy to handle indeed and the brush is quite nice too.

  11. @Lois uwa you are? That's fab :D Greece in the summer is the best (apart from the excruciating heat lol). I love Erre Due. It could well be my favourite Greek cosmetics brand. Hehe the basics are more than enough to get around and buy fabulous nail polish ;)

    @Zara glad you like them! Wow, that's awesome. If you do come and you need some hints and tips, don't hesitate to drop me a line ^_^

  12. How nice, I bought a few bottles my last vacation in Greece ;) Love buying local brands on holiday.

  13. Yesterday I applied Seventeen's 266, a bit lighter than the 267, I absolutely love it! I did a NOTD on my blog. Too bad they don't sell this brand in the Netherlands because I would love to try more colours!

  14. Beautiful colours. :D I have 2 nail polishes (beige and pink) from this brand :)



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