Thursday 14 October 2010

Yay, another polish swap

Hello everyone ^_^/

Today I wanna show you something exciting that arrived yesterday. A package full of nail polishes, as I had a second swap with the lovely 'Chelle from  Cosmetic Cupcake. 'Chelle is one of my dearest friends, who I met through a mutual love for nail polish and it's always a pleasure to swap with her as our tastes are so similar ^_^

Here is an overview of the package contents

Thank goodness I managed to snap this photo before my darling attacked all the sweets (I had to hide some of them so that he won't eat them all at once).

And here are some close ups at the lovely polishes that were inside.

Rimmel Lasting Finish in 270 Hot Shot, 030 Double Decker Red, 239 Your Majesty, 275 Electric!, 198 Azure

Maybelline mini Colorama in 67 Wonder Violet and 3 Tutti Fruitti, a lovely shade of Sally Hansen's Nail Prisms (I've been dying to try these ^_^) and a taupe from Butter London.

Essie Apricot cuticle oil, Glitter Gal purple holographic polish, Ulta 3 in Black Plum and Bouquet.

Thank you so much my dearest friend for all these lovely goodies. Now I need to decide which one to try out first XD

Btw guys I am planning to present more nail polishes that are available in Greece in this blog. I was thinking it would be a nice weekly feature. What do you think?

Also if anyone would like some polishes that are available here, I am always open to more swaps as it's so much fun! Just drop me an email ^_^


  1. Great swap! I'd love to see more Greek polishes (and I will likely be contacting you about a swap one I've "digested" all the new stuff I've gotten lately). :)

  2. Great Swap , you got some lovely ones!!!

  3. I would LOVE to see more Greek polishes. I am so fascinated by the variety of polishes available around the world!

  4. Aww wow.. susch lovely colors :)

  5. what an awesome swap! those rimmels look like fun! :D

  6. Looks like a great swap! I would love to see more Grecian polishes.

  7. Fun swap ^o^
    I have Rimmels over here as well :D
    OOOH, Greek polish. That'll be awesome!

  8. @KarenD whenever you want, I'm up for it.

    @Steph xox thank you, I was so excited when I got the package hehehe

    @Laynie I am already swatching and preparing some posts. I love seeing polishes from all over the world too. There is such great variety :D

    @Jessica thank you :) I want to try them all asap.

  9. @Katrina ^_^ thank you dear. Rimmel is a great brand!

    @Zara thank you :D I will try to showcase as many as I can.

    @AnnKiins Only in Greece we don't get Rimmel (which sucks if you ask me). I will post the first instalment of the Greek polishes soon.

  10. What a fabulous swap. Enjoy all of those awesome Aussie lacquers!

  11. YES please post more Greek polishes! I love seeing polishes from different countries. And I am so happy you enjoyed the package =D Can't wait to hear how you go with them!



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