Sunday, 3 October 2010

Eyeko Lilac

Hello everyone ^_^/

I hope you all had a fun weekend!
Today I will share with you a nail colour that I got a while ago.
Eyeko Lilac. 

I got quite a few Eyeko colours that I am gonna swatch soon but this is definitely my favoutie. It's 2 coats over base coat and as you can see it is fully opaque.
An added bonus is the cute bottle.

I want to add more photos to the post but blogger keeps crashing on me and I cannot. Still you can see this lovely colour quite well on the above pic, I'm sure ^_^

If you would like to get your hands on some Eyeko products you can do so following the link on the left sidebar. If you order more than $15 you get a free gift too!


  1. love this manicure!

    Follow me and ill follow you!
    (i just started and could use some followers!)

  2. Such a pretty color!! :) I've never tried anything from Eyeko so far, but I think I'm gonna get some of their stuff soon! ;)

    Kalimera!! :)

  3. Beautiful lilac, I own it too and love it!

  4. I love Eyeko bottles as much as Skinfood.
    They are just too adorable!
    The lilac is lovely as well c:



  6. Very pretty! I used to dislike lilac and lavender...what was I thinking?!

  7. Pretty pretty lavender!Makari na murize k etsi!It's a lovely relaxing colour and looks great on your nails!

  8. That's a cute colour, though I don't like Eyeko nail polishes

  9. Thank you everyone for your comments :)
    The colour is really lovely indeed. I used to be a fan only of dark purples but lately I've been liking lilac as well ^_^



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